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Center for Psychology at University of Porto

Acronym: CPUP Center for Psychology at University of Porto - Opens a new window
Person in Charge: Paula Mena Matos
Mission: The Center for Psychology at University of Porto (CPUP) brings together researchers from different areas of Psychology with a common interest in human behavior, mind and brain, in both health and disease. The overarching goal of CPUP is to produce world-class research and innovative educational and clinical applications, thereby contributing to the development of an inclusive society. An integrative approach is privileged through the combination of complementary methods, techniques and expertise. In the most recent international evaluation promoted by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, CPUP was rated "Excellent". 

CPUP is organized into five research groups that share well-equipped labs:
  • Culture, Normativity and Diversity (Social Psychology Lab)
  • Development and Education
  • Relationships, Change Processes and Wellbeing (Research Laboratories on Psychotherapy and of Psychosocial Rehabilitation)
  • Neurocognition and Language (Speech Lab)
  • Human Sexuality (SexLab)
These groups conduct basic and applied research on: challenges associated with social change, discrimination, and social exclusion; processes and contextual determinants of development and learning, including protective factors of resilience and mental health; dynamics of work and family, adjustment of individuals, couples and families to physical and mental disease; mind/brain interactions, with emphasis on language, communication, emotion, and the neurocognitive profiles of developmental and neurodegenerative disorders; aspects of human sexuality, such as sexual dysfunctions, risky behaviours, and dimensions associated with sexual response, satisfaction, and well-being.
Schedule: Monday to Friday
9h30 - 12h00
14h30 - 17h30
E-mail: cpup@fpce.up.pt
Phone: + 351 22 040 06 17
Room: FPCE107
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