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Social Psychology Laboratory

Acronym: LPS
Leading team: José M. Marques, Gabrielle Poeschl, Isabel R. Pinto, Samuel Lins

The Laboratory of Social Psychology which serves to carry out the activities of the Social Psychology Research Group, was created in 1996 at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto. Staff includes Ph.D. students, research fellows, and student trainees. The Laboratory and its activities are open to students interested to participate in research conducted by leading members. It has the technical and personnel resources required to do research in social psychology, and it is equipped with an online computer network, rooms for group sessions, four experimental soundproof boxes, and data collection and data analysis software.

The laboratory gained national and, mainly, international recognition in the study of:
  • social identity processes,
  • deviance in groups,
  • gender issues,
  • social representations and psychosocial consequences of corruption, globalization and the economic crisis,
  • psychosocial aspects of consumer behavior.

The team has developed steady cooperation with other national and foreign Social Psychology research groups, namely, in Portugal, the teams of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon and of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Coimbra, and, abroad, the Centre for the Study of Group Processes of the University of Kent, the Department of Social Psychology and Methodology of Behavioural Sciences of the University of the Basque Country, the University of Pittsburgh, the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

The research carried out, or supervised, by the members of the team are published in international and national journals or collective works of reference.
E-mail: labsocial@fpce.up.pt
Room: FPCE018
Address: Rua Alfredo Allen, s/n
Postal Code: 4200-325
Location: Porto
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