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Scientific Writing Seminar

Code: PDCE06     Acronym: SEC

Classification Keyword
OFICIAL Educational Sciences

Instance: 2022/2023 - A

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Education Sciences
Course/CS Responsible: Doctoral Program in Educational Sciences

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
PDCE 15 Official Curricular Structure 2007 2 - 10 30 270

Teaching Staff - Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibility
Tiago Guedes Barbosa do Nascimento Neves

Teaching - Hours

Seminar: 1,00
Type Teacher Classes Hour
Seminar Totals 1 1,00
Orquídea Manuela Braga e Soares Coelho 0,50
Tiago Guedes Barbosa do Nascimento Neves 0,50

Teaching language

Suitable for English-speaking students


The Scientific Writing Seminar aims to:
- develop academic and scientific writing skills;
- promote knowledge and skills regarding ethical procedures in educational
- foster the production of diverse scientific texts with high quality standards.

Learning outcomes and competences

It is hoped that students are able to:

- identify fundamental rules of scientific writing;

- apply those rules in the elaboration of their texts;

- comment critically and constructively texts written by other prople.

Working method



Scientific and academic writing. Characterization and typologies. Bibliographic
references and indexes.
Ethical procedures in educational research. Informed consent. Privacy. Data

Mandatory literature

Emerson Robert M.; Writing ethnographic fieldnotes. ISBN: 0-226-20681-5
Wolcott Harry F.; Writing up qualitative research. ISBN: 0-8039-3793-8
MacArthur Charles A. 340; Handbook of writing research. ISBN: 1-59385-190-1

Teaching methods and learning activities

Teaching methods involve exposition, debate, group work and tutorial work.

Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation without final exam

Assessment Components

designation Weight (%)
Participação presencial 50,00
Trabalho escrito 50,00
Total: 100,00

Amount of time allocated to each course unit

designation Time (hours)
Estudo autónomo 200,00
Frequência das aulas 75,00
Total: 275,00

Eligibility for exams

Follows the regulation of the Doctoral Program.

Calculation formula of final grade

50% participation in class, 50% presentation of written work

Examinations or Special Assignments

Follows the regulation of the Doctoral Program.

Special assessment (TE, DA, ...)

Follows the regulation of the Doctoral Program.

Classification improvement

Follows the regulation of the Doctoral Program.

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