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Helena Costa Araújo

Fotografia de Helena Costa Gomes de Araújo
Name: Helena Costa Gomes de Araújo Ligação à página pessoal de Helena Costa Gomes de Araújo
Sigla: HCGA
Estado: Active
Email Institucional: haraujo@fpce.up.pt
Extensão Telefónica: 353
Telf.Alt.: 226079737
Salas: FPCE127


Categoria: Professor Catedrático Convidado
Professional Group: Docente
Vínculo: Outras Colabs. -> Docente aposentado
Department: Education Sciences

Apresentação Pessoal

Helena C. Araújo is full professor in the Faculty of Psychology and Education in the University of Porto (Portugal). She is the Director of the Centre for Research in Education (CIIE/UP). She currently teaches Sociology of Education, Gender Studies and Citizenship and Diversity.

She the project leader of a financed project called “Building Local Networking in Education? Decision-makers´ discourses and strategies on school achievement and drop-out”, 2009-2013 (FCT - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) and the Portuguese coordinator of a FP7 project “Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe (RESL.eu)” (2013-2018).

 Some of her recent publications are:

 (2013) “Building Local Networking in Education? Decision-Makers Discourses on School Achievement and Drop-out in Portugal”, Cultures of Educational Policy: international issues of policy-outcome relationships, Strasbourg: Analytics (forthcoming) (w/ Florbela Sousa, Armando Loureiro & Isabel Costa)

(2012) “Sexualities, teenage pregnancy and educational life histories in Portugal: experiencing sexual citizenship?”, Gender and Education, 24, (6), 647-664 (w/ Laura Fonseca & Sofia Santos)

 (2010) “Toward the Recognition of their Educational Rights: Portugal” in J. Albisetti, J.Goodman & R. Rogers (eds.) Girls’ Secondary Education in the Western World (pp. 93-109), New York:Palgrave (w/Laura Fonseca & Cristina Rocha)

(2009) “Changing Femininity, Changing Concepts in Public and Private Spheres” in M. Arnot Educating the Gendered Citizen, London: Routledge, 95-112 (w/ Madeleine Arnot et al).


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