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Foreign Students

Erasmus is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme(LLP), adopted by the European Parliament and Council, from the year 2007 till 2013, and it seeks to enhance the quality and reinforce the European dimension of higher education by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, boosting European mobility and improving the transparency and full academic recognition of studies and qualifications throughout the Union.

The Erasmus programme offers university students the possibility to accomplish a fully recognised period of studies (a minimum of three months and a maximum of a complete academic year) in any other European university in an eligible EC country and provides a mobility grant.

The recognition of studies is based on the existence of a Learning Agreement signed between the student and the academic authorities from the home and host universities involved and the recommended ECTS procedures (European Credit Transfer System).

Our Faculty has been establishing Bilateral Agreements with many European Partner Institutions Universities, enabling students the possibility of an Erasmus experience in the most well known European institutions.

  1. The Faculty
  2. Information about the Courses
  3. Academic Calendar
  4. Application Procedures
  5. Portuguese Language Course
  6. Accomodation
  7. General Information about Porto
  8. Contacts

  • The Factulty

    The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPCE-UP) is the school, within Porto University, where teaching and research in the fields of Psychology and Educational Sciences is carried out.

    The Faculty has initiated its activities in 1976/77 and nowadays more than 900 students attend the FPCE’s two graduate degrees (licenciaturas) and 500 students attend postgraduate, masters and doctoral courses, having therefore reached a significant implementation in the social tissue in areas, such as, education, justice, health, central and local public administration, socio-cultural animation, work in companies, among others.

    Additionally the Faculty provides continuing education programmes aiming to give an answer to the requirements of professional, civic and cultural training, which emerge throughout life in contemporaneous societies. Beyond education, FPCEUP is engaged in research and development activities and in rendering services to the community through its research institutes and centres, multidisciplinary expanding its research themes and funding institutions.

    An important role is also played by internationalisation, not only due to the increasing number of projects and protocols established in partnership with foreigner institutions, but also due to the increasing number of students and the exchange of lecturers and researchers in the scope of cooperation and mobility programmes.

    With 25th year of activity, FPCE-UP projects itself towards the future as a school more committed to an education of quality and to the promotion of an institutional culture addressed to research and social progress.

    How to get to FPCE-UP >>>

  • Information about the Courses



  • Application Procedures

    In order to apply to our Faculty, as an Erasmus Student, you must fill in the Student Application Form, that includes personal details, details of your higher education institution, information on language skills, previous and present studies, details about the period of studies abroad, accommodation request form (if applicable) and the Learning Agreement, where you describe the programme of studies you intend to take at our Faculty, including the course codes and the corresponding ECTS credits.

    You should fill in the Student Application Form together with the teacher responsible for your mobility. This document must be signed by you (the student), as well as by your Local Coordinator and by the Institutional Coordinator of your University. Then you should send your application to the International Relations Office (SRI) of the U. Porto. This Office will confirm your acceptance, as well as the acceptance of the proposed programme of studies.

    Besides the Student Application Form you should also send your "Transcript of Records", a certificate with all the subjects you have attended in your University, including the grades and the ECTS credits corresponding to each subject.

    Application deadline:

    • Applications to Full Academic Year: 15 June
    • Applications to the 1 st Semester: 15 June
    • Applications to the 2nd Semester: 30 November

  • Portuguese Language Course

    All Erasmus students should learn Portuguese before travelling to Porto, because at FPCE-UP all courses are taught in Portuguese, however this is not a pre-requisite.

    Although most partner Institutions offer Portuguese language courses to their students (providing them with basic portuguese language skills before their departure to Portugal), the U. Porto organises, at the Faculty of Arts, several language courses, including a portuguese Language Course for foreigner students.

    You can choose from two intensive Portuguese language courses: in September or in February. The course has the duration of 60 hours and in the end, students shall be awarded a certificate if they pass.

    In July a Summer course of Portuguese Language and Culture for Foreigners is also organised at the Faculty of Arts. This course is divided into 4 levels (beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced). Some guided tours are included.

    You can obtain information about these courses at:
    DEPER - Departamento de Estudos Portuqueses e Estudos Românicos of the Faculty of Arts - UP
    or sending an e-mail to: deper@letras.up.pt

  • Accommodation

    The International Relations Office (SRI) seeks to provide all foreign students, spending a period of studies at the U.Porto, with assistance in finding accommodation in the University Halls of Residence.

    However each year this service receives much more requests for accommodation than the number of places available for Erasmus mobility students, therefore the SRI also manages a database with contact details offering flats, houses and rooms for rent all over the city. This database is provided to all students who may be interested, as well as to students who asked, but were not awarded, accommodation in the University's Halls of Residence.

    The officer responsible for the incoming mobility students accommodation at the University of Porto is Dr. Rita Sinde, you can contact her directly: rsinde@reit.up.pt (Phone: +351 220408056/ Fax: +351 22 04081 83).

    Note:The students may apply for accommodation, in the University's Hall of Residence, in page 4 of the Student Application Form.

  • General Information about Porto

    Porto is the second largest city in the country, in an urban area with more than 1.3 million inhabitants, located in the North of Portugal, on the north bank of the river Douro.

    One of the most significant aspects of Porto and its historical centre is its landscape, combining harmony with the urban structure and presenting a frame of rare beauty. The city was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996 and considered in 2001 the European Capital of Culture, together with Rotterdam. Since then, great projects have been implemented aiming at encouraging cultural dynamics and continuing the urban renovation of the city.

    When discovering Porto, you will find many surprises! Besides its welcoming and conservative environment, Porto is also contemporary and artistic. This is shown not only in the streets, architecture, monuments and museums but also in the terraces, restaurants, leisure and shopping areas.

    Learn more about the city (the climate, cost of living, meals/restaurants and local holidays):
    University of Porto>>>
    Porto Turismo>>>

  • Contacts

    Institutional Coordinator:
    Dra. Cristina Ferreira
    International Relations Office
    University of Porto
    Praça Gomes Teixeira
    4 099-002 Porto - Portugal
    Phone: +351 22040 81 61 (Ext.: 4100)
    Fax: +351 2204081 83
    Email: sri@reit.up.pt

    Local Coordinator:
    Prof. Fernando Barbosa
    Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - UP
    R. Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva
    4 200-392 Porto - Portugal
    Phone: +351 226079700
    Fax: +351 226079725
    Email: fbarbosa@fpce.up.pt

    Responsible for Mobility Programmes
    Dra. Isabel Neves
    Projects and Mobility Programmes Office
    Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - UP
    R. Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva
    4 200-392 Porto - Portugal
    Phone: +351 226061881
    Fax: +351 226079725

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