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Rita Faria

Fotografia de Rita Jorge Holbeche Tinoco de Faria
Name: Rita Jorge Holbeche Tinoco de Faria
Acronym: RJHTF
Status: Active
Telephone extension: 222041645
Rooms: P0.23


Category: Professor Auxiliar
Career: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional group: Docente
Department: Criminology School


Position Started on
Member of the Scientific Committee Mestrado em Criminologia 2017-04-27
Member of the Program Follow-up Committee Doutoramento em Criminologia 2017-06-22
Assistant Director Criminologia 2017-10-25
Vice-Coordenado do Gabinete de Mobilidade 2019-03-01

Personal details

PhD in Criminoloy, has a Master degree in Sociology and graduated in Law.

Assistant Professor in Criminology, has been teaching several courses at the Undergraduate and at the Master levels.

Has been researching on the topic of research misconduct (problematic behaviors and situations in scientific research and higher education). Has been awarded a "Doctoral Research Award" at the 4th World Conference on Research Integrity (2015).

Has also been researching and publishing on white-collar crime and occupational crime, and on the topics of the History and Epistemology of Criminology.

Simultaneously, has been exploring the use of qualitative methods with the elites and the powerful, on Criminological topics. As such, has been teaching at the University of Ghent's Doctoral Schools, and is co-chair of the European Society of Criminology Working-Group on Qualitative Research Methodologies and Epistemologies.

Is staff member of the organizing and scientific commissions of the following groups: Common Study Programme in Critical Criminology, IJUP-Investigação Jovem na Universidade do Porto and European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control.

Is a member of the COST Action 15137, the "European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities", namly its WG2 - Societal impact and relevance of the SSH research - and its Special Interest Group for Early Career Investigators.

Areas of interest

  1. Social sciences
  2. Social sciences > Criminology
  3. Social sciences > Sociology
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