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Criminology School

Acronym: EC
Person in Charge: Pedro Sousa
Mission: It is due to the school:

a) To produce fundamental and applied research, keeping in sight the production of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge on the criminal phenomenon;
b) To propose to the bodies of the Faculty, as long as the progressive development of the school allows it, the organisation of training courses that may lead to the attribution by the University of Porto of the degree of Graduate, Master and Doctor in Criminology;
c) To propose to the bodies of the Faculty, the provision of services integrated in programmes of the college;
d) To propose to the bodies of the Faculty the establishment of agreements and contracts with public, private or cooperative, national or international entities, keeping in sight the development of its’ research, training and culture dissemination activities and the provision of services.
Description: The Criminology School is a department of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto. According to the principles and guidelines of the Faculty, the School aims at developing the scientific activity of providing services to the community, both in a theoretical as well as empiric perspective.
E-mail: escolacr@direito.up.pt
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