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Thesis Submission for FCUP’s Master’s Students – Academic year 2017/2018

The deadline for thesis submission for students registered in Dissertation/Project/Internship in the academic year 2017/2018 is 30th September 2018.

Until the mentioned deadline, students must submit the following documentation in the Post-Graduation Office (Student’s Desk):
  • Thesis submission request
  • one CD with a digital version (PDF) of the Thesis (layout available inSIGARRA) and also a Curricula Vitae
  • declaration from supervisor(s) stating the Thesis is ready for submission.

After the defense of the Thesis and in the period of one month, the students who were approved must deliver in the Post-Graduation Office (Student’s Desk), 1 paper version of the Thesis (book like cover) and also 1 digital version in a CD (PDF). Student’s from the Master’s degree in Biochemistry must deliver 2 paper versions and 2 digital versions (PDF).

Both paper and digital version must be signed by the President of the Jury and must be accompanied by a delivery form.

We also inform that the digital versions must be delivered inside plastic or card CD cases, following the layout mentioned above. NOTE: Any request to postpone the deadline for thesis submission must be made, necessarily, until the 13th July 2018. This request must be accompanied by a declaration from both the supervisor(s) and Director of the Master’s course, justifying the reason for postponing. Any request submitted after the aforementioned deadline will be refused.
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