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Department of Mathematics

Acronym: DM Department of Mathematics - Opens a new window
Person in Charge: José Ferreira Alves
Description: The Department of Mathematics is, in the Faculty of Sciences, the subunit responsible for teaching, research, dissemination and provision of services to the community in the areas of Mathematics and its applications. While teaching is the direct responsibility of the Department, research is organized by the research centers, especially by the Centre for Mathematics of the University of Porto (CMUP), where almost all the department's nearly 40 professors are affiliated. Dissemination and services to the community are organized jointly.

It is the Department's responsibility to teach all curricular units in the Mathematics area of ​​the Faculty. The following specific Mathematics courses of the Faculty are also under its responsibility: the Mathematics Degree, three Master's courses, one Specialization and two Doctorate courses, these in collaboration with other entities.

The Bachelor in Mathematics guarantees a good fundamental training in Mathematics and contact with several application areas. Undergraduate students can choose different curricular units, corresponding to different profiles: either of initial scientific training for future mathematics teachers or with a more scientific content - such as initiation to more advanced areas of mathematics or statistics - or, finally, with a more technological content, with the beginning of the study of the applications of Mathematics to other fields, such as public health, industry or finance. Each of these profiles is continued on a specific second cycle course. The Bachelor in Applied Mathematics has as its main objective to enable students to exercise the transformative role of mathematics in today's society. At the end of the course, students will be able to model, simulate, optimize and aid decision making in the resolution of problems in science, industry or services. The entry of these graduates into the labor market will respond to the growing interest of various employers for training in Applied Mathematics, motivated by the complexity of today's challenges and the need for innovation.

There are three second cycle courses organized by the Department: the Master's in Mathematics, of a more scientific nature, the Master's in Mathematical Engineering, of a more technological nature, the Master's in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, aimed at developing skills in extracting knowledge from data and the Master's in Teaching of Mathematics in the 3rd Cycle of Basic and Secondary Education, aimed at training Mathematics teachers.

The Mathematics Department is also responsible for a Specialization in Computational Statistics Modeling (not conferring a degree) and is co-responsible for the Master's in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and two third cycle courses: the Inter-University PhD Program in Mathematics (in collaboration with the University of Coimbra) and the PhD in Applied Mathematics (in collaboration with other organic units of the University of Porto, the University of Aveiro and the University of Minho) and a PhD in Mathematics and Applications (in collaboration with the University of A Coruña, the University of Minho, the University of Santiago de Compostela, the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro and the University of Vigo).
E-mail: dmat.sec@fc.up.pt
Phone: +351 220 402 215 / 220 402 206
Fax: +351 220 402 108 / 220 402 209
Address: Rua Campo Alegre 687
Postal Code: 4169-007
Location: Porto
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