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Department of Geosciences, Environment and Spatial Plannings

Acronym: Dep.GAOT
Person in Charge: Joaquim Esteves da Silva
The Department of Geosciences, Environment and Spatial Plannings mission is to ensure undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, scientific research and the support and promotion of technological development, as well as R&D, within the scientific areas of its responsibility, including Environment, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Sciences, Geographical Engineering and Geology.

Having in mind the vision to promote excellence in teaching and research in the different, fundamental and applied, fields of knowledge under its responsibility, the actions of the department focus mainly on the study of the Earth, the Environment and Natural Resources as fundamental aspects of a balanced economic and social development which, through observation, representation and monitoring of the Earth, environmental preservation and the mitigation of natural hazards, fosters optimal planning, recovery and management of natural resources and thus can aim to contribute towards a sustainable development.

In terms of its regional economic and social participation, the Department adopts a pro-active attitude, providing specialized services and cultural activities within its own scientific areas.
E-mail: dgaot.sec@fc.up.pt
Phone: +351 220 402 489
Fax: +351 220 402 490
Address: Rua Campo Alegre 687
Postal Code: 4169-007
Location: Porto
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