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Master's degree in Viticulture and Oenology Engineering Tuition 2021-2022

StudentTuitionAnnual Value
National StudentFull1250,00¤
National StudentUntil 18 ECTS (parcial)437,50¤
National StudentBetween 19 and 37.5 ECTS (partial)875,00¤
National StudentBetween 38 and 40.5 ECTS (partial) (*)1000,00¤
National StudentRegistration in non-curricular components (partial) (**)625,00¤

StudentTuitionAnnual Value
International StudentFull3000,00¤
International StudentUntil 18 ECTS (parcial)1050,00¤
International StudentBetween 19 and 37.5 ECTS (partial)2100,00¤
International StudentBetween 38 and 40.5 ECTS (partial) (*)2400,00¤
International StudentRegistration in non-curricular components (partial) (**)1500,00¤

(*) - Only for students that, having completed the number of registrations corresponding to the official duration of the course, can finish the degree by registering in the academic year in the mentioned ECTS credits.

(**) - Registration exclusevily in non-curricular componentes: Thesis, Dissertation, Internship or Project.
Note: Given that ECTS division is not possible in these components, the limit of 37,5 ECTS may be exceeded, but it is considered that to complete one curricular year the student must make the corresponding to two annual part-time registrations.
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