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Documents and Handwriting Examination Laboratory

The Laboratório de Escrita Manual e Análise de Documentos (LEDEM) is integrated in the Department of Biology, and is dedicated, since 1986, to documents and handwriting examination. The mission of the LEDEM is the preparation of reports in the field of documents and handwriting examination, performed with independence, technical accuracy, diligence and celerity in order to contribute to the upholding of Portuguese justice.
The LEDEM also provides training of experts in the field of documents and handwriting examination.

Services provided

Within the scope of forensic examination which may be solicited to the LEDEM, we ensure the following types of tests:
  • Veracity of signatures and texts;
  • Authorship of signature and texts;
  • Analysis of inks, erasures and other changes in documents, with application of non-destructive methods;
  • Typewritten and printed writing examination, using non-destructive methods.
The forensic examinations performed by the LEDEM are collegial and follow the methodology used internationally in such examinations. The LEDEM has available specialized equipment to conduct such examinations: stereoscopic microscopes, equipment for Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA), video-spectral equipment (Projectina Docucenter Expert), photographic equipment and image processing programs coupled with forensic filters.

Either courts or private individuals may request forensic examination to the LEDEM.

Working Group

The LEDEM has experts with specialized training in the area of Forensic Sciences that have undergone internships at major international laboratories of Forensic Science and participated in specialty Conferences and Workshops.

Request Expertise / Clarification

Documents and autograph pick-up instructions should be downloaded here.

For any clarification contact ledem@fc.up.pt.


Email ledem@fc.up.pt
Phone (+351) 220 402 826/766/764/813
Fax (+351) 220 402 709
Address Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto
Rua Campo Alegre, nº 817
Código Postal 4169-007
Location Porto

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