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How to get to FCUP


Coordinates: φ 41º 09’ 10”N λ 8º 38’ 15”W

By Car

FCUP is located in Pole 3 of the University of Porto (Polo Campo Alegre).

If coming from North or East, you should follow the main collector road of VCI, towards Lisbon (Ponte da Arrábida) and exit in Campo Alegre.

If coming from South, follow the direction towards Ponte de Arrábida and exit in Campo Alegre (1st exit immediately after the bridge).



By subway

Lines A (Blue), B (Red), C (Green), D (Yellow), E (Purple) and F (Orange)|Get off on Casa da Música metro station | About 15 minutes on foot until you reach FCUP

For further information, please check: https://www.metrodoporto.pt



By Bus

There are plenty of buses that you can catch to reach FCUP. On Rua do Campo Alegre, there are 3 bus stations where you can get off: Gólgota (to Building FC1 or FC2/FC3); Planetário (Building FC4, FC5 anf FC6) and Casa das Artes (FC6).

  • 204 (Hospital de S. João – Foz) | Connection with metro: Hospital de S.João e Casa da Música | Gólgota/Planetário/Casa das Artes
  • 207 (Campanhã – Mercado da Foz) | Connect with metro: Campanhã and Heroísmo | Gólgota/Planetário/Casa das Artes
  • 200 (Bolhão – Castelo do Queijo) | Connection with metro: Bolhão | Gólgota/Planetário/Casa das Artes
  • 209 (Pasteleira – Prelada) | Connection with metro: Casa da Música | Gólgota/Planetário/Casa das Artes
  • 504 (Boavista – Norte Shopping) | Connection with metro: Casa da Música | Casa das Artes
  • 902 (Boavista – Lavadores | V.N. Gaia) | Connection with metro:Casa da Música | Gólgota
  • 903 (Boavista – Laborim / Qta. Das Rosas | V.N.Gaia) | Connection with metro: Casa da Música | Gólgota
  • 907 (Boavista – Vila D’Este | V.N.Gaia) | Gólgota

For further information, please check: www.stcp.pt



By Train

If you want to get to Porto by train, you should get off in one of two main stations: Campanhã or S. Bento.

If you get off at Campanhã, there are 2 means of public transport available to get to FCUP:

  • By subway: take any of the lines that go by Campanhã because any one of them will take you to Casa da Música without having to transfer. From Casa da Música,to FCUP, you choose walking or to catch a bus (check out “by bus” above).
  • By bus: bus 207 passes by Campanhã and heads towards Foz. This bus will take you to Rua do Campo Alegre, where you will have to get off on “Gólgota”, “Planetário” or on “Casa das Artes”.

If you get off at S. Bento, you can also get to FCUP with 2 possible options:

  • By subway: the metro station of St. Bento is right outside the train station to the left and is an underground station. You should take the Metro heading towards Hospital de S. João. You will have to make the transfer at the Trindade Station, get on another Metro and then get off at Casa da Música. To learn how to go to FCUP, please check “By bus” above.
  • By bus: when getting off at the train station, go to: (a) Praça da Cordoaria (in the upper end of Rua dos Clérigos) and get on bus 902 or 903; (b) Praça D. João I and get on bus 200 or 207. You will have to get off at Junta de Massarelos in Rua do Campo Alegre where you will have to get off on “Gólgota”, “Planetário” or on “Casa das Artes”.

For further information, please check: www.cp.pt


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