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Single Curricular Units| (2nd semester)

From 9 to January 2023

See the  Notice

Students interested in attending single curricular units (2nd semesterl) of Bachelor's Degree (1st cycle) and Master's Degree (2nd cycle) in the academic year 2022/2023 must submit their application (online), in the period mentioned below.

Application | 09 to 20 January 2023/ Online through this link

Seriation | Until 25 January 2023 / Academic Services (SA)

Registration | Until 3 February 2023 / Academic Services (SA)


Additional Information:

Information on the vacancies available, admission requirements, applications, and the regulations approved by the UP, are available on the FCUP website (www.fc.up.pt > courses > documents > single curricular units).

  • The seriation of candidates will be carried out in accordance with Article 7 of the Regulation on the attendance of single course units in U.Porto's cycles of studies and programmes (regulation no. 282/2019 of 28/03). 
  • Attendance of a single curricular unit of a cycle of studies or courses of the U. Porto is subject to payment of a fee of 1/5 (one fifth) of the annual tuition currently stipulated for these cycles of studies. Regarding international students' attendance of single curricular units, a fee of 1/5 of the annual tuition applicable to international students of that course/cycle of studies is due (Article 11 of the regulation previously referred to).
  • After registering in a regime subject to evaluation, each student can enrol in a maximum of 60 credits accumulated throughout his/her academic career (in that cycle of studies) in accordance with Article 8 of the aforementioned regulation. 
  • Before enrolling, students should be aware of the admission requirements.


Online application:

  • To apply online students must access InfoSciences and follow these steps:
  1. Select menu: STUDENT
  2. Choose option: UCS applicationand follow the instructions on the page.
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