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Acronym: BIBLIO Library - Abre numa nova janela
Mission: The Library of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science is a university library specialised in the field of Human Nutrition and Food Science. Its mission is to provide and promote the access, search and use of bibliographic information to students, lecturers, researchers and technical staff at FCNAUP, health professionals and researchers in the field. 

The Dr. Emílio Peres Space is the name given to the physical area dedicated to the Library of the FCNAUP Documentation and Information Service (FCNAUP.SDI), in honor of one of the patrons of Nutrition and Human Food Sciences in Portugal, Dr. Emílio Peres (1932-2003). The Dr. Emílio Peres Space intends to be a multipurpose space to support FCNAUP's Teaching-Learning, Training, Science and Culture activities.

Description: The sources of information are multiplying and may jeopardize access to quality information, get yourself guided.
The library of FCNAUP invites the user to visit the electronic page of the library available from SIGARRA > Library (web address).

FCNAUP’s library provides the following services to users:

  • reference and support when consulting the library collection
  • reading and local consultation of the library collection
  • loan of books
  • inter-libraries loan of books
  • bibliographic catalogue online
  • support when searching and accessing electronic resources
  • user training
  • dissemination of bibliographic information
Schedule: loan desk from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm.
E-mail: biblioteca@fcna.up.pt
Phone: +351 225 074 327 (ext. 224)
Fax: +351 225 074 329 (A/C Biblioteca)
Room: FCNAUP 1.104
Address: Faculdade de Ciências da Nutrição e Alimentação da Universidade do Porto Rua do Campo Alegre, 823
Postal Code: 4150-180
Location: Porto
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