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Welcoming Message

The Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences from Oporto University (FCNAUP) was founded in 1976. In this way, the University of Porto showed its vision and pioneering spirit, innovating the studies in nutrition, in order to educate nutritionists both in The Iberian Peninsula and Europe, with the creation of the first university degree of the country (Superior Degree - “Nutritionist” from University of Porto).

Nowadays the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto is the only national public institution responsible for the academic training of graduates in Nutritional Sciences (Nutritionists) and during the last four decades helped to build the profession of Nutritionist in Portugal, having also a great international reputation. Its professionals are spread all over the world and occupy the most important roles among different public institutions and enterprises.

The challenge of a leader institution is to never stop and to continuously think in innovation and quality. As far as Education is concerned, the faculty is focused in the quality of teaching, the research and the services that are available to the community. Therefore, another Master Degree is going to open next academic year, this time in Gastronomic Sciences, where a bridge is made between the gastronomy and the high level of nutrition sciences; showing once again innovation with a great net of high quality partners. We are also reckoning to open in 2020 a new building, to which we will call “The home/house of Nutrition”, a unique place in Portugal with extremely good conditions for learning and investigation, in one of the most symbolic places of the city of Porto. Also, in the scope of teaching and research, there will be conditions so that the next academic year 2020/2021 we could enclose the research that we perform at both a national and international level into our classes and therefore we could create best formats both of teaching and training; enlarging this methodology to our net of partners that receive every year our trainees.

The quality of our research has greatly increased and has reached one of the highest levels ever; with impact indicators of known scientific publications, using categories ESI, from the scientific production from U.Porto in Agricultural Sciences, by faculty (Sources: ISI-WoS  and InCites), that show that FCNAUP is taking the first places from UP in this demanding index and specific domain/topic/issue.

At last, it is important to underline our compromise with the social and environmental issues that are so crucial to life in our planet and to which the Nutrition School of Porto was always so sensitive. We will continue to support dozens of social institutions through our students, investigators and professors, because this is a cultural feature of FCNAUP that distinguishes our students.  On the other hand, we will open in this academic year 2020/2021 a training/workshop in the area of environmental sustainability, working together with other faculties from our Oporto University. We will work in a net, for the planet, fighting for global causes and training the best people. These are our flags. Feel welcome to the School of Nutrition in Porto!

Porto, August 26th 2019

Pedro Graça

Dean of FCNAUP

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