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Human Anatomy I

Code: CN11001     Acronym: ANTH I

Classification Keyword
OFICIAL Health Sciences

Instance: 2011/2012 - 1S

Active? Yes
Course/CS Responsible: Nutrition Sciences

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
CNUP 89 Plano oficial 1 - 5,5 56 148,5

Teaching Staff - Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibility
Maria Dulce Cordeiro Madeira

Teaching - Hours

Theoretical classes: 2,00
Laboratory Practice: 2,00
Type Teacher Classes Hour
Theoretical classes Totals 1 2,00
Maria Dulce Cordeiro Madeira 2,00
Laboratory Practice Totals 4 8,00
Sara Marina Carneiro Pinto Coelho 4,00
Tiago Alexandre Ferreira Tuna 4,00

Teaching language



In Human Anatomy I, we intend that the students learn the general anatomic terminology and terminology of the different parts of the human body (“nomina anatomica”) and also the detailed constitution of the locomotion and cardiovascular systems (except for the vessels from the abdominal-pelvic region and those from the central nervous system). I it is also desired that they develop their abilities of observation and autonomous study, acquire the bases of descriptive method and that they integrate the new morphological concepts with notions of functional anatomy.


Introduction to the study of Human Anatomy. Anatomic terminology.
General embryology.
Introduction to the study of osteology.
Introduction to the study of arthrology. Classification of the joints (articulations).
Introduction to the study of myology.
Vertebral column. Muscles of the back.
General anatomy of the vascular and nervous systems.
Walls of the thorax. Breast.
Muscles and fascias of the abdomen.
Muscles and fascias of the pelvis and perineum.
Superior members.
Inferior members.
Bones of the skull.
Bones of the face.
Muscles of the head and neck.
The heart and pericardium.
Trachea, bronchi and pleural cavities.
Pulmonary artery and its branches. Carotid arteries and their branches.
Aortic artery. Branches of the aortic arch.
Superior and inferior vena cava systems.
Veins of the head and neck. The azygos vein system.

Mandatory literature

Drake R.L., Vogl W., Mitchell A.W.M.; Gray's Anatomy for Students, Elsevier, 2010 ou 2005. ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-443-06952-9

Complementary Bibliography

Netter Frank H.;; Atlas de anatomia humana. ISBN: 85-363-0248-8

Teaching methods and learning activities

2 theoretical classes of 60 minutes per week (total: 25);
1 practice class of 120 minutes per week (total: 13).

Theoretical classes of introduction to the concepts of General Anatomy, introduction or synopsis of big themes and descriptive explanation of the issues. Practice classes for observation, identification and description of structures in the Anatomic Theater.


Não aplicavel. Not aplicable.

Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation with final exam

Assessment Components

Description Type Time (hours) Weight (%) End date
Attendance (estimated) Participação presencial 56,00
Total: - 0,00

Eligibility for exams

Assiduity to practical classes according to the Academic Regulation: all students that are inscribed must not exceed the limit absences corresponding to 25% of the estimated classes.

Calculation formula of final grade

The acquired knowledge by students will be evaluated through a final exam, which involves a practical test and a theoretical test (both calculated in a 0 to 20 scale).
The practical test (identification of 20 structures on pieces from the anatomic theater) will be made before the theoretical test and is eliminating. The theoretical test includes 40 multiple choice questions.
Final classification will result on the application of the formula (P+3T)/4, were P and T are the classification obtained from the practical and theoretical tests, respectively. Students will be approved if they present a final classification equal or higher than 10.

Examinations or Special Assignments

Not applicable

Special assessment (TE, DA, ...)

According to the pedagogic regulations.

Classification improvement

Final exam with the two tests foreseen on the table of Calculation of the Final Classification.


The responsible for this curricular unit will be available for students on Wednesdays from 15h to 17h.
Compulsory curricular unit.

Teaching language: Portuguese

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