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Food Consumption and Nutrition Sciences

InformationO curso/CE encontra-se acreditado pela Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (A3ES).

The Consumer Sciences in Food and Nutrition it is a 3rd cycle post graduation aimed at professionals in the fields of Nutrition, Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Biologic Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

The cycle of studies with a normal duration of three years, provides a total of 180 ECTS. It consists of a PhD course, that not awards a degree, which corresponds to 30 ECTS credits and of a scientific thesis, original, specially made for this purpose and based on research work, corresponding to 150 ECTS, and whose approval in a public examination will award the degree of Doctor of Consumer Sciences in Food and Nutrition.

The cycle of studies is accredited by the Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education Agency (A3ES Logo). More information can be found in the reports made available by A3ES.


This cycle of studies, been a postgraduate course leading to a doctorate degree, aims to train high-level researchers, that are supposed to be able to work autonomously in different sectors of consumer sciences, showing systematic understanding, skills and research method and being able to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas, create and manage solutions and know them communicate in the academic and non academic community in order to promote technological, social and cultural process and taking responsibility for their actions, in particular the consequences of ethical issues that they will bring.


Entry requirements:
Are possible candidates:
The holders of master's degree or equivalent;
The BSc's, with a relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies;
Foreign holders of master's degree obtained in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process;
Foreign holders of an academic degree that is recognized by the Scientific Committee as meeting the required objectives;
The holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized as attesting capacity to carry out this studies cycle by the Scientific Committee;
The applicants must also speak and write English language.


Tel | +351 22 507 4320
Fax| +351 22 507 4329
E-mail| adarocha@fcna.up.pt

General information

Official Code: 5574
Director: Ada Rocha
Acronym: DCCAN
Academic Degree: Doctor
Type of course/cycle of study: Doctoral Degree
Start: 2009/2010
Duration: 3 Years

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • Food Consumption and Nutrition Sciences (180 ECTS credits)
  • Food Consumption Sciences (30 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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