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Master in Consumer Sciences and Nutrition

General information

Official Code: 6469
Acronym: M:CCN


  • Master's degree in Consumer Sciences and Nutrition (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialização in Consumer Sciences and Nutrition (66 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Introduction to Consumer Sciences and Nutrition

CN4001 - ECTS

Research Methodology

CA4003 - ECTS

Methodologies for Assessment of Food Intake and Consumption

CN4002 - ECTS

Quantitative Methodologies in Consumer Sciences

CA4004 - ECTS

Agrarian Systems

CA4010 - ECTS

Food Processing and Preservation

CA4011 - ECTS

Sensory Analysis and New Product Development

CA4001 - ECTS

Determinants of Food Consumption

CN4000 - ECTS

Dissertation Project

CA/CN4000 - ECTS

Health and Food Consumption

CN4003 - ECTS

Trends in Food Consumption

CN4004 - ECTS


CA/CN5002 - ECTS

Current Topics on Consumer Sciences and Nutrition

CA/CN4005 - ECTS
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