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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

Internationalization is one of the main vectors on U.Porto's development, as is evident through the implementation of numerous international initiatives, in accordance to the 'Strategic Development Plan' of the university. This approach allows to: (i) develop the existing cooperation; (ii) start and set up innovative cooperation activities through the establishment of cooperation protocols with universities from all over the world; (iii) integrate several international inter university cooperation networks and groups; and (iv) actively participate on a significant number of European education, training and research programmes.

A significant number of these activities are specially developed within university networks in which U.Porto participates, and also through several bilateral cooperation agreements signed with partner universities from all continents.

U.Porto's cooperation with other European universities is also visible through the establishment of joint degrees, highlighting the U.Porto's participation in several European masters, as well as the signature of numerous agreements with European and Latin-American institutions to grant double degrees, joint supervision doctoral thesis and also European doctoral degree.

To develop its internationalization strategy, the U.Porto has an International Office and a Portuguese Language and Latin-American Countries Cooperation Office that ensure, in an integrated way, the coordination and the development of the international cooperation actions.

Cooperation FBAUP

The Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto has developed an extensive and diversified partnership programme with foreign teaching institutions. This programme has been reflected in curricular activities and interchanging of teaching and non-teaching staff and currently invests in a plan of curricular module offers, professional internships and research projects.

The international dimension of this programme shows itself in the participation in the Erasmus Programme which allows for about 10% of the student population from FBAUP to have the opportunity of studying in a foreign institution.

The flux of students in mobility does not limit itself to the European continent. The signing of a set of agreements between Porto University and Latin American countries has enabled an exchange of students with countries like Brazil and Chile.

FBAUP currently has institutional partnerships with 64 art schools across 21 European countries.

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