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Norberto Jorge

Fotografia de Norberto da Silva Ogórek Jorge
Name: Norberto da Silva Ogórek Jorge
Sigla: NSJ
Estado: Active
Telf.Alt.: 934795801


Categoria: Professor Auxiliar
Carreira: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Department: Fine Arts Department


Cargo Data de Início
Coordenador de Secção Escultura 2020-11-04
Member of the Teaching Standards Committee 2010-07-02
Membro da Comissão Paritária - DOCENTES Nomeação | Conselho Pedagógico 2019-03-08
Member of the Department Council Artes Plásticas 2020-11-21
Member of the Scientific Committee Licenciatura em Artes Plásticas 2023-01-30
Unit Coordinator Serviço Técnico e Oficinal de Madeiras, Metais e Pedra 2021-07-07

Apresentação Pessoal

"Of the immeasurable trips I've made, both in the field of artistic object's production as in the conceptual research, the notion remains that what is visible of the work is always a small part. Thoughts, ideas, concepts are submerged in the backstage of thought and action ... " in Rotas de Memória, p. 28

Norberto Ogórek Jorge, sculptor and teacher researcher in 2014 presented his latest research in artistic creation "Rotas de Memória – A Árvore e a Madeira, relações na prática escultórica”, with which achieved the degree of Doctor.

Along his route as a sculptor has produced artwork in different substances that allowed him to expand knowledge with matters that incorporate the sculptural bodies of his work. His artistic career has focused in sensorial interaction with natural materials. His path has made visible the importance of the workshop and the process in the concept of artistic work.

 "There are several identity agents with which I met, I found and found me back. This dimensions carrying at its core personal identity and cultural identity, symbolized in the Tree, in the Person and in the Other. They are not inert, sterile beings that allow me the appropriation and immaculate creation. They are containers of cultural symbologies as well as personal experiences and it is this dimension that allows my project to find meaning.” in Rotas de Memória, p. 28

Integrated member  
I2ADS - Research Group in Art and Design


Áreas de Interesse

  1. Humanities > Arts > Fine arts > Plastic arts > Sculpture
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