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Paulo Luís Almeida

Fotografia de Paulo Luís Ferreira de Almeida
Name: Paulo Luís Ferreira de Almeida Link to the personal page of Paulo Luís Ferreira de Almeida
Acronym: PLFA
Status: Active
Chave de associação FCT: J563369Krth2


Category: Professor Auxiliar
Career: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional group: Docente
Department: Desenho


Position Started on
Secretário do Conselho Científico 2013-03-13
Member of the Scientific Board 2017-01-13
Department Director Desenho 2016-03-04

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Paulo Luís Almeida is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Drawing in FBAUP and a Researcher at I2ADS (Research Institute on Art, Design and Society). He obtained his PhD in 2009 at the University of the Basque Country (Spain), as a fellowship from FCT, with the thesis ‘The Performative Dimension of Pictorial Practice – Transferences of Use between Performative Fields', a study on the interferences between pictorial and performative processes in contemporary art. 

A few years ago he began making small performances as a way of analyzing and disrupting everyday life's micro narratives. He then realized that drawing could be used a recording document of these performative acts and an auto fictional process, thus avoiding the public exposure and the impossibility of carrying them out; that drawing could be another way of thinking, intervening, visualizing and reenact the performance experience, as a deferred action.

This relationship between drawing and performative contexts is the basis of his artistic and research work, a visual and critical essay regarding drawing as a strategy to represent action - as a process, an instruction or a record - and as an instrument of direct intervention in performative contexts.

His artistic work, based on drawing, painting and performance, is the outcome of very simple notions: the narrative notion of trial, the displacement between everyday life gestures and drawing processes, and the transferences between performance and image.


Some recent projects include Cúmulo-Nimbo (Lugar do Desenho, 2014), Entre o Céu e a Terra (Extéril, 2014), History-MyStory (Oliva Rewind Drawing, 2013) and the project Aigua/Água (Universidade do Porto/Uni­versidad de Barcelona, 2012).

He has published and presented his work in several papers and meetings:

Almeida, P.L.; Duarte, M.B; Barbosa, J.M. (2013). Drawing in the University Today. Porto: FBAUP/I2ADS. ISBN 978-989-97856-6-3. 

Almeida, Paulo Luís (2013). “Desenho Protocolar: Inscrevendo a acção, a partir de Gunter Brus”. In PSIAX, 2, série II, Porto.

Almeida, Paulo Luís (2013). “History, Mystory – Artist Statment”. In Núcleo de Arte da Oliva Creative Factory (2013). Oliva Rewind Fine Arts. S. João da Madeira: CMSJM. ISBN 978-972-9148-33-0.

Almeida, Paulo Luís (2014). “Gestos Líquidos: Duas proposições sobre imaginação material”. In Ferreira, António Quadros; Corbella, Domenic (Eds). AIGUA/ÁGUA. Porto/Barcelona: FBAUP/I2ADS e Universidad de Barcelona.

Almeida, Paulo Luís (2013). “Desenhar entre o Arquivo e o Repertório: Notas para um Entendimento do Desenho Para Além da História”. In Faria, Nuno (2013) Cadernos CIAJG – Encontros para Além da História. Guimarães: CIAJG ISBN 979-989-98505-2-1.

"Acting Pictures, Picturing Action”. Comunicação apresentada no Symposium Thinking Through Drawing 2013 / Drawing Research Network conference 2013. New York: Columbia University - Teachers College.

“Can We Trust Our Gestures?”. Comunicação apresentada na Drawing Research Network Conference 2012. Longhsborough: Longhsborough University, September 2012.


Category: Not Available
Órgão de Gestão: Conselho Científico
Faculdade: Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
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