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Interaction Design, Web and Games


The course is essentially laboratory and practical, focused on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in interaction design and game design. The particularities of interfaces for responsive design (in different interactive devices, operating systems, and media), and methodological issues for the management of projects and teams will be taken into account. Students will still be able to recognize and apply human-centered methods to define requirements and perform rapid prototyping processes and iterative evaluation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Know the specificities of style guides, icon design, typography and responsive design, on the Web and in video games, on different devices, operating systems, and other interactive media;
  • Identify and understand the different methodologies of project management and teams for interactive media;
  • Know design and prototyping tools, implementing methods for defining system / product requirements and user-centered design;
  • Know, implement and evaluate different typologies and stages of prototyping, using rapid prototyping tools and development of applications and games, including the use of appropriate programming languages and paradigms;
  • Know and apply principles of interaction design and game design to interactive media.

Fields of Specialization

Human-Computer Interaction at the context of Web, Mobile and Videogame 

Professional Abilities

  • Design Principles for Interactive Media (including the Web and Videogames) and User-Centered Design methodologies;
  • Technological and communicational specificities of the various contexts articulated in the interactive media;
  • Methodological and procedural tools for the development of projects in multidisciplinary teams;
  • Design methodologies for the various design phases;
  • Methodologies of prototyping and evaluation;
  • Methodologies of documentation and communication of project.

Employment Prospects

growth in demand for specialized professionals by product teams, significantly expanding the field of communication designers. 



  • http://ix.fba.up.pt

    Contactos adicionais, é favor contactar o diretor do curso: Prof. Bruno Giesteira
  • bgiesteira@fba.up.pt

General information

Teacher Responsible: Bruno Giesteira
Acronym: EspDIWJ
Type of course/cycle of study: Specialization
Start: 2018/2019
Duration: 1 Years

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • Interaction Design, Web and Games (48 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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