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Master in Art and Design for the Public Space

The study programme grants the Master of Art & Design for the Public Space and is aimed at students trained in varied Art and/or Design courses, at this or other Faculties. The course offers alternatives for further education for within a scope of research that aims to intervene in the public space in a social, political, urban or virtual approach.

The need for interaction and involvement with the public domain has been progressively affirming itself as an artistic, aesthetic and creative concern within diverse circuits of knowledge and artistic pratice. The offer of a 2nd Cycle course with this profile allows for an approach that conveys operative skills and reflexive tools adequate to reflect and intervene on a given context. Thus, on the one hand, the character of expertise of the programme of studies addresses very specific needs of the spatial intervention operativeness; on the other, its pluri and interdisciplinary roots establish from the outset a focus on developing critical and reflexive tools that enable multiple approaches within this scope of research. 

The current Masters allows further education for graduate students holding a Degree from any of the Pathways of the Art or Design Courses in this Faculty, but also for graduate students coming from areas of study such as Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscaping, Product Design. The course celebrates co-operation with other Faculties and Research Centres, namely CCRE (Centre for Spacial Representation) at the Architecture Faculty of Porto, with the aim of furthering cientific dialogue and enabling a groundwork for thinking and acting upon the city, the landscape, the community and the museum, in a multidisciplinary mode.

Course Structure
The first part of the course is structured around a set of contextualizing curriculum units on, on the one hand, research and project methodologies, and professional skills; secondly, on the necessary theoretical knowledge to a consistent research; and finally on project practice developed with the support of dedicated tutors chosen according to their expertise. Theoretical and projectual units have a head teacher, but open up, however, to the participation of experts, teachers, artists, etc., summoned for their relevance and mastery of the subjects concerned. This openness extends to participation in debates, conferences, etc., that the course direction considers relevant. The second part of the course includes one Research and Projectual Methodology subject of advanced level, as well as the development of Project Work in conjunction with a written component, for which supervision, wherever possible, will be called advisers of recognized merit in order to promote a broad scope of critique and scientific and artistic inputs. 

ONLINE Application
Academic Diploma; Photocopy of ID/Passport; CV; Portfolio; Letter of Intent.

Selection Criteria
1.Academic Curriculum with evidence of knowledge of the English Language (B2 min) and Portuguese (min A2 for non Portuguese speakers) according to the European Language Levels Reference Grid.* - 30%
2. Scientific Curriculum - 10%
3. Portfolio - 30%
4. Professional experience - 15%
5. Letter of Intent / Interview (when deemed necessary) 15%
(*Basic Portuguese and English short Courses available at the University of Porto.)

General information

Official Code: 6269
Director: Gabriela Pinheiro
Acronym: MADEP
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of study: Masters Degree
Start: 2007/2008
Duration: 2 Years

Study Plan


  • Master of Art and Design for the Public Space (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialty in of Art And Design for the Public Space (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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