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Fine Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Porto’s new syllabus for a BA in the Fine Arts is now fully compliant with Bologna Process standards. The update turned out instead to be a full-on restructuring in the institution's Fine Arts training, as opposed to a formal compliance with forced requirements. The study plan foresees 1st cycle courses as open-ended and fostering a full learning experience for a solid background in the arts without compromising future choices. We are left with a single Fine Arts course, structured around three optional specialisations: Fine Arts – Painting, Fine Arts – Sculpture and Fine Arts – Multimedia. The first two are a direct result of this compliance strategy; Multimedia, however, was already, in practice, compliant with these demands and is now merely formally adjusted to them. Ground training in the Fine Arts is the starting point: from creation and research to artistic expression. The plural denomination of “Fine Arts” points to a modern schism between the plural and the singular in the arts, where “art” as a singular noun defines itself as outside technical and specialised grounds and “arts” as a plural noun defines the opposite. We are fully aware, however, that art is not exclusively defined in its plural or singular. This course will foster an integrated outlook on art both in its singular and plural definitions, by establishing common roots from which specialised fields will branch out. This Fine Arts BA will allow the students to become full participants in artistic creation: as painters, sculptors, “spatial”, visual and multimedia artists with greater or smaller specialisation in each of these subjects. Graduates will be fully prepared to get acquainted with and intervene in the art and editorial market, theatre, television, technology training and art teaching, cultural activities in the Fine Arts, art production, research, management, directing and coordination in mono and pluridisciplinary teams, in artistic or technological studies, public and private projects and the production of artistic content for staging or the industries in general. They will also be skilled for work as advisors and experts, curatorial and museum work and theoretical research in the arts, including art criticism, art history or art theory.


After completion of the 2nd semester – or having garnered 40 credits – the student should choose one of these specialisations. A degree in each one of these options requires a minimum amount of credits amassed through corresponding subject matters listed in the study plan. Each student can only attain a degree in one of these specialisations. The students will choose a specific study plan after a period of shared basic training with every other student, allowing them to make a sound choice fully customizable to the flexible nature of their study plan.

General information

Official Code: 9007
Director: Domingos Loureiro
Acronym: AP
Academic Degree: Bachelor
Type of course/cycle of study: First Degree
Start: 2006/2007
Duration: 4 Years

Study Plan


  • First Degree Fine Arts - Painting (240 ECTS credits)
  • First Degree Fine Arts-Multimedia (240 ECTS credits)
  • First Degree Fine Arts-Sculpture (240 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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