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PhD in Art Education

The PhD in Arts Education (pdEA) is a joint doctorate awarded by the Universities of Porto and Lisbon through their Fine Arts Faculties, the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (University of Porto) and the Institute of Education (University of Lisbon). This programme is inscribed within the epistemological and ontological elds of Arts Education.

It represents the opportunity to question and challenge the naturalized narratives in the Arts and its relations to Education. Thus, it opens up a space of plurality and difference where students are invited to rehearse singular gestures, simultaneously informed by an international state of the art, in which the dialogical relations between artistic practices and educational practices canbe thought. They will be urged to re ect upon the reciprocal ties between artistic and educational practice.
PdEA aims to develop advanced research work in the field of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and educational work in artistic and cultural institutions and in art teaching. As a joint PhD, it provides an integrated educational experience as far as organization is concerned, from timetables to seminars, conferences and publications.


  • Understand the Arts Education (AE) field as a ground of civic action that promotes social engagement;
  • Know the field of research in AE;
  • Develop a critical understanding of AE and to share the knowledge of the fields of Arts and Education;
  • Promote advanced studies in the processes of artistic creation, their practices and the specific methodologies in this field of action/ research;
  • Develop practices with implications in real, communal, cultural, educational and social contexts;
  • Implement and to develop a convergent research culture;
  • Make contributions towards a definition of investigative research;
  • Define search criteria and formulation of theses in AE and to disseminate their products;
  • Prepare students to be researchers and professionals of excellence;
  • Encourage the integration of students into research groups and/or international networks involved in similar guidelines and research projects.

Fields of Specialization

As this PhD is transdiciplinary in nature, there are no specialization areas, but the course allows and encourages the development of research within the different territories in which Arts Education acts.

Professional Abilities

  • Acquire the capacity to systematically understand the scientific field of arts education.
  • Identify research needs in the field of research in arts education;
  • Conduct and disseminate high quality and relevant research;
  • Integrating ethical concerns in research and professional practices;
  • Prepare research texts to be published, at national and international spaces, in editions of reference in the field;
  • Perform scientific and transdisciplinary research work in the field of arts and education, extending the frontiers of knowledge in arts education.
  • Communicate and share with their peers, the remaining academic community and the society, about each research project.
  • Be available to continuously learn and to apply critical strategies for self-evaluation, improvement and personal and professional development.

Employment Prospects

Qualified teachers for higher education, museum education, administration of art education programs at community based levels or diverse art centers (music, performance, visual arts), policy making in governmental agencies, research in the field of arts education curricula and school reform, leading and conduct of pilot projects in arts based school reform, assessment of the arts in education and the large field of intervention at the level of the creative industries and entrepreneurship. 



CIEBA - Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts
CIIE - Centre for Research and Intervention in Education
CPUP - The Center for Psychology at University of Porto
i2ADS - Research Institute in Art, Design and Society
UIDEF – Unit for Research and Development in Education and Training

General information

Official Code: PA25
Director: Catarina Martins
Acronym: DEA
Academic Degree: Doctor
Type of course/cycle of study: Doctoral Degree
Start: 2016/2017
Duration: 3 Years

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • Arts Education (180 ECTS credits)
  • Curso de Doutoramento em Educação Artística (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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