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Teresa Ferreira

Fotografia de Teresa Sofia Barbot Faria Cunha Ferreira
Name: Teresa Sofia Barbot Faria Cunha Ferreira
Sigla: TSFCF
Estado: Active
FCT Association Key: J0025186YV94


Professional Group: Investigação Científica
Vínculo: Outras Colabs. -> Colaborador externo
Unit: Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo (CEAU)
Categoria: Doutorado Equiparado a Investigador Principal
Professional Group: Investigação Científica
Unit: Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo (CEAU)


Cargo Data de Início
Member of the Scientific Committee Programa de Doutoramento em Arquitetura 2020-07-06

Apresentação Pessoal

Teresa Cunha Ferreira holds a degree in Architecture at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (FAUP), an European PhD at the Polytechnic of Milan (co-supervision with FAUP, 2009) and has developed post-doctoral research at FAUP (2010-2015).

She has professional experience in the Direcção Regional de Edifícios e Monumentos do Norte (ex DGEMN) and in the Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e il Paesaggio di Milano, among other consultancy, collaborations and works (2003-present).

Since 2007, she has been teaching theories, history, design and architectural and urban heritage in the Polytechnic of Milan (2007-2008), Universidade Lusíada (2009-2010), Escola de Arquitectura da Universidade do Minho (2009-2017) and FAUP (since 2012-present).

In 2009, she joined the Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo (CEAU-FAUP), Group PACT, where she develops research activity, namely the coordination and participation in projects, the organization of scientific events, as well as its dissemination through conferences, lectures and publications in the national and international context. She has been developing research on the fields of history, theory and architectural heritage design, as well as on management planning, conservation and maintenance of architectural and urban heritage, history of construction, among others.

Since 2021, she is a Principal Investigator at FAUP (Auxiliary Investigator 2015-2021), and has the coordination and participation in several research projects: Keeping it Modern – Ocean Swimming Pool (IP, Getty Foundation, 2020-2022), Siza ATLAS: Filling the gaps for World Heritage (co-IP; FCT, 2021-2023), Atlas of Architectural Heritage Design: contributions from the School of Porto (1980-2020) (IP, FCT, 2022-2023), From CURE to CARE: sustainable strategies for preventive conservation and maintenance (IP, FCT, 2015-2019), Management Plan for the Conservation and Valorization of the Monuments of the Rota do Românico (IP, EU-ERDF, Rota do Românico; 2015-2018), Architecture Scientific Coordination of Romanesque Encyclopaedia in Portugal (Fondacion de Santa Maria de La Real, 2018-2021),  Heritage Care - Monitoring and preventive conservation of historical and cultural heritage (Interreg SUDOE, 1.6M, 2016-2019), Heritage Values Characterization and Diagnosis for the Municipal Masterplan of Porto (Municipality of Porto, 2016-2019), among others.  Since 2019, she is the Chair Holder of the UNESCO Chair Heritage, Cities and Landscapes. Sustainable Management, Conservation, Planning and Design. 

She is also member of several scientific and professional organizations, such as ICOMOS-Portugal (Direction Board since 2011, Expert Member of ISC20C Scientific Committee), DOCOMOMO, Associação Portuguesa de Reabilitação Urbana e Proteção do Património (APRUPP), Sociedade Portuguesa de Estudos de História da Construção (SPEHC), Ordem dos Arquitectos (Colégio do Património), among others.

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