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Nuno Valentim Lopes

Fotografia de Nuno Valentim Rodrigues Lopes
Name: Nuno Valentim Rodrigues Lopes Link to the personal page of Nuno Valentim Rodrigues Lopes
Acronym: NVL
Status: Active
Institutional E-mail: nuno.valentim@arq.up.pt
Telephone extension: 5498
Alt.Tel.: 220425498/226095467
Rooms: TE3.1


Professional group: Investigação Científica
Status: Outras Colabs. -> Investigador externo
Unit: Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo (CEAU)
Category: Professor Auxiliar
Career: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional group: Docente
Scientific Area: Tecnologia da Construção (TC)


Position Started on
Assessor Instalações 2012-03-05
Member of the Representatives Council 2018-10-11
Member of the Scientific Board 2018-09-06
Member of the Scientific Committee Programa de Doutoramento em Arquitetura 2019-01-31

Personal details

Nuno Valentim Lopes (Porto, 1971).
Degree in Architecture at FAUP, Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (1995). Master in Rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage/Patrimony at FEUP, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (2007). PhD in Architecture (FAUP, 2016), with the thesis "Project, Architectural Heritage and Contemporary Regulation - On practices of rehabilitation in current buildings”.

Erasmus Program in Venice (1992-93) and Internships in UT-Delft and with Arch. M. Luisa Penha (1994).

Starts independent professional practice in 1994 and collaborates with José Gigante from 1995 to 2004.

Professor at FAUP since 2005 in the area of Construction / Design in the Integrated Masters in Architecture and Professor of "Project Methodologies" at CEAPA - Advanced Studies in Architectural Heritage Course.

Member of the "Heritage of Architecture, City and Territory" Group of the Center for the Study of Architecture and Urbanism of FAUP (FCT).

Since 2017, Nuno Valentim is a permanent member of the scientific committee of the PhD Programme in Architecture/FAUP and member of the technical-scientific board of the "Reabilitar como Regra” Project - Resolution of the Portuguese Council of Ministers working on the adequacy of regulations to building rehabilitation.

Author (with others) of the “Support Manual to the Project of Rehabilitation of Old Buildings’” coordinated by Prof. Vasco Peixoto de Freitas, published in May 2012.

Among other works in Porto he is the author of the rehabilitation project of Casa Andresen / Gallery of Biodiversity in the Porto Botanical Garden, the extension of the “Lycée Français International Porto” and of the Bolhão Market Restoration and Modernization project (Porto central market).

Awarded Projects/Work:
-2017 IHRU/Nuno Teotónio Pereira National Prize and 2018 National Urban Rehabilitation Prize – Rehabilitation of the “Albergues Nocturnos do Porto”;

- 2015 National Urban Rehabilitation Prize -  Rehabilitation of "Casa Salabert", e-learning café of the University of Porto;

- 2014 João de Almada Prize - Rehabilitation of a building by Arch. José Marques da Silva (1928) - co-author with Francisco Barata and José Luis Gomes (CEFA-UP);

- 2013 Iberian Prize Palmarés Architecture Technal - rehabilitation category (Dehonian Centre - Rehabilitation and extension of a building from 1936 in Porto);

- 2013 National Rehabilitation Prize – under 1000 m2 category (Atelier des Créateurs - Rehabilitation of the former  “YMCA” building (1902) and conversion into a textile manufacturing unit);

Finalist of the 2011 Iberian ENOR Prize (Reception Pavilion at the French School of Porto), of the 2009 FAD Prize (S. Cirilo Community Centre – Immigration Support Centre and Office Building, Porto) and of the 2007 ENOR Prize (Chapel at CREU-IL, Porto).

Highly Commended in the 2017 João de Almada Prize (Casa Salabert), 2016 IHRU National Prize (Casa Belos Ares), 2011 IHRU National Prize Prize (Rehabilitation and extension of two houses in a building from the 19th century in Porto and Rehabilitation of the Lordelo Housing Estate) and in the “WAN 21 for 21” Prize (21 Architects for the 21st Century).

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