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Internship Opportunity | Laboratory of Architecture, Art Image and Innovation (AAI²Lab)

1st stage of applications until September 30, 2018 | 2nd stage of applications until December 31, 2018

The Laboratory of Architecture, Art Image and Innovation (AAi2Lab) offers the opportunity for curricular or professional internship within the VSC project (FCT funding. AAC_02-SAICT-2017).
This internship aims to stimulate the development of critical sense, creativity and autonomy in transdisciplinary research in Architecture, Art and Image, with a significant component of Contemporary Photography.

This project proposes to investigate emerging dynamics of change in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto (AMP). Among other activities, it is expected of the selected intern to develop a Contemporary Photography Project based in selected case studies in the Porto Metropolitan Area, conceived as a visual narrative that intentionally interferes with the metropolitan territory in an exercise of self-reflexive representation of its own process of urban change. The network of public and collective spaces of the VSC project will constitute an "Open Museum" in the territory of the AMP, as well as in virtual spaces of the VSC digital platform, in which the work developed by the trainee will be integrated.

The territory under study in this project is used simultaneously as the laboratory for empirical experimentation and the stage of visual representation of the agents and processes of urban change that are intended to be analysed. This project will produce visual syntheses of these dynamics, in order to give visibility to specific aspects of their interconnected nature and historical uniqueness that are difficult to perceive without the purposeful use of image and photography.

This project opens new avenues of investigation by proposing an original combination of methods of visual research and spatial analysis from the identification of a set of spaces and paths connected by connecting nodes identified in the urban network. These points are calculated through syntactic metrics that allow optimizing the interaction between public and collective spaces. Contemporary Photography Projects (CPP) will be developed and implemented in specific places, conceived as "visual narratives" that intentionally interfere with the metropolitan territory in an exercise of self-reflexive representation of its own process of urban change.

This project aims to change perceptions about contemporary dynamics of transformation of the public space, with the objective of collectively transforming the imaginary of the city to the metropolitan scale. The strategy to promote this articulation is based on the identification of physical properties of integration, connectivity and synergy between public and collective spaces, enhanced by the development of online tools of virtual interaction processed at multiple scales. For this purpose, a digital platform will be developed to insert visual data into a georeferenced system with multiple temporal layers in 4D (space and time), allowing the accessibility, diffusion, monitoring and sharing of visual information.

This platform will also provide the conditions for an active dialogue between researchers, institutions and the public, contributing to the identification of opportunities for co-evolution between citizens, institutions and the urban environment. The intern will develop his work under the supervision of Prof. Doctor Pedro Leão Neto, within AAI2Lab, integrated in the Laboratories of Innovation in Media (MIL-UP) and in collaboration with Cityscopio - Cultural Association / scopio Editions. At the end of the inernship period, the trainee must prepare a report, to be validated by the supervisor.

Applications for graduates, masters or finalists from different fields of knowledge of U, Porto (FAUP, FBAUP, FLUP, FEUP, FPCEUP and other accredited educational institutions) or Erasmus students are accepted. Candidates will be selected on the basis of the merit of the curriculum presented (academic background and international experience) and affinity with the proposed thematic area of ​​work. It is intended that the candidate be organized and dynamic, able to work in interdisciplinary teams and fulfill responsibilities in a timely manner.

This internship opportunity offers:
• Integration in the Collaborative Laboratory AAI²Lab, and collaboration with the Centre for Communication and Spatial Representation (CCRE/CEAU/FAUP)
• Possibility of collaborating with VSC research team
• Possibility of competing for support programs: Apoios e Bolsas Gulbenkian, Apoio às Artes DGartes e programa de apoio a jovens – Bolsas de Estágio Santander e Bolsas de Mérito - Apoio à Dissertação – SASUP – U.Porto

Edital Estágio AAi2Lab (PDF)

Please send CV and portfolio to: pneto@arq.up.pt or aai2.lab@mil.up.pt

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