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Teresa Calix

Fotografia de Teresa Manuel Almeida Calix Augusto
Name: Teresa Manuel Almeida Calix Augusto
Sigla: TMACA
Estado: Active
Extensão Telefónica: 5513
Telf.Alt.: 220425513


Categoria: Professor Associado
Carreira: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Scientific Area: Arquitectura (A)


Cargo Data de Início
Vice-Dean 2023-01-12
Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Board 2018-12-19
Member of the Scientific Committee Mestrado em Planeamento e Projecto Urbano 2011-11-17
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Fórum do Território: Espaço Público 2022-07-18
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Fórum do Território: Inclusão 2022-07-18
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Curso de Estudos Avançados em Território 2022-07-18
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Fórum do Território: Ambiente 2022-07-18

Apresentação Pessoal

Graduated in Architecture (1998), Master in Urban Planning and Design (2002) and PhD in Architecture (2013), with a PhD thesis that focus on the Morphologies of Contemporary City.

Since 1996 she has collaborated in several architectural and urban projects and contributed in the elaboration of several plans. Since 2003 she teaches at Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto (FAUP).

Currently she is Associate Professor at FAUP, where she is the coordinator of the study profile Dynamics and Urban Forms of the PhD Programme in Architecture and she is the head of the course Projecto 5 – urban design studio – of the Integrated Master in Architecture. She also collaborates in the course Urban Project Studio of the Master in Spatial Planning and Urban Project (from FAUP and Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto). The teaching activity, particularly the one related with practical exercises in the scope of the referred courses, workshops, and summer schools, is being used as an opportunity to deepen the relations with the municipalities of Porto Metropolitan Area and with experts of several areas of knowledge, bridging the gap between university / students and professionals.

She is also the coordinator of the research group Morphologies and Dynamics of the Territory of the Centre for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (MDT-CEAU-FAUP), having participated in several research and consultancy projects. Among them stand out the Regional Plans for the North and Centre of Portugal, which led to an applied-research project, requested by the Regional Coordination and Development Commission of the North of Portugal (CCDR-N), aimed at the definition of orientations for the territorial cohesion of the North-western region of Portugal. This project paid special attention to post-crisis context and low-density areas, addressing critical planning and management issues and specific forms of territorial occupation that are usually less studied. It is also worth noticing her participation in the on-going research project “Mapping Public Housing: A critical review of the State-subsidized residential architecture in Portugal (1910-1974)”, funded by FCT (Portuguese foundation that supports cutting-edge research projects) and based at CEAU-FAUP.

She coordinates the NEB goes South initiative, a network of architecture schools led by FAUP, created to broaden and boost the international debate on the co-design of sustainable and inclusive solutions, selected as a NEB Lab by the European Commission.
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