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History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education of the University of Porto (FADEUP) has its origins in other training institutions in Physical Education and Sport that preceded it. In 1964, a Physical Education Instructor course started to operate, which constituted the core of the Porto Physical Education Instructor School, created in 1969. These first training initiatives were at the middle level education.

In 1975, training in Physical Education in Portugal is going through a new and important phase, with the transition to university education. It is at this juncture that on December 3, 1975, the Higher Institute of Physical Education (ISEF-UP) was born and integrated into the University of Porto, being this date officially considered as the foundation of the institution.
A significant evolution took place in 1989, with the publication of the Autonomy Law, which allows Portuguese universities to be reorganized, and within which organic units redefine their purposes and organization. It is in this context that the Institute changes its name to Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education of the University of Porto (FCDEF-UP). The last step in this evolution took place in 2005, with the revision of the Statutes of the University of Porto, after which the faculty adopted the current designation.

Located since 1997 at Polo II of U.Porto (Asprela), in a complex designed in the image of the best Physical Education and Sport schools worldwide, FADEUP today brings together a comprehensive offer of 1st degree, master's and doctoral courses. The faculty education is still strongly interlinked with research on fundamental issues of society, such as the relationship between physical activity and health and the promotion of the population's quality of life.

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