Committed to profiting from the knowledge produced in its R&D centres, the University of Porto intends to extend that same attitude to the whole community by stimulating the implementation of business projects with potential for rapid growth, born from ideas nurtured within the University and elsewhere. This ambition is particularly endorsed by the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC), a pioneering structure in the context of higher education in Portugal, which musters a wide range of startups and private R&D centres around the University of Porto.

Since its inception, in 2007, UPTEC has supported the development of more than 150 companies notable for their high degree of innovation, technological intensity, expertise and potential for internationalisation. These companies generated hundreds of jobs (skilled ones, in their overwhelming majority), which makes the “birthplace of innovation” of the University of Porto a major focus of innovation and development within the Portuguese socio-economic context.

The activity of the Park is spread over four sites geared for business incubation in various fields of knowledge: the Technology Site, the Biotechnology Site, the Marine Site and the Creative Industries Site. A site for technology-based agricultural companies is still to be created in the Agricultural Campus of Vairão (Vila do Conde). With all these sites, UPTEC covers a wide range of sectors of great growth potential and of strategic value to the country.

Furthermore, UPTEC hosts a Centre for Business Innovation, where several renowned companies have found the ideal space and means to undertake R&D+i by taking advantage of the synergies with the University’s research and development departments. And it is also at UPTEC that international players in innovation, such as Fraunhofer Portugal and Alcatel-Lucent, develop new products and services.

UPTEC thus offers the ideal environment for innovation and for the creation of sustainable companies. At the same time, UPTEC plays a valuable role in bridging the gap between knowledge and market, which can enhance the socio-economic fabric of the region.


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