A U.Porto nas Escolas

The University of Porto devotes special attention to pre-university students and works with schools from all around the country to develop mechanisms to bring us closer to our potential students.

U.Porto representatives often go to schools in the north and centre of the country for informative sessions and to take part in education fairs that provide information on higher education. We are also happy to visit schools (institutions outside Greater Porto, if logistically feasible) to promote our training offer and provide all necessary information to potential students.

Some U.Porto schools organise their own initiatives. The Faculty of Sciences (FCUP), for example, organises talks for elementary and secondary school students, in an effort to stimulate interest in various scientific fields. Teachers and researchers will visit afterprior booking.

U.Porto’s connection to schools is also reflected in the visits by thousands of students from elementary and secondary schools, who are given the chance to experiment with learning and research every year. Events like Universidade Júnior (Junior University), Mostra da U.Porto (U.Porto on Display) and the Faculty Open Days are an important first visiting card for future students.

To book a visit by U.Porto to a school, please contact:

Public Relations Office

U.Porto Rectorate
Praça Gomes Teixeira,
4099-002 Porto, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 220 408 275
E-mail: escolas@up.pt