A U.Porto na Comunidade

Being open to society is fundamental to university life. The University of Porto is open to anyone who wants to discover and enjoy it. Pre-higher education learners, senior students, and an increasing number of tourists can all find a place at the University.

U.Porto buildings are a significant part of city heritage and they are worth a visit. You should visit Siza Vieira’s Faculty of Architecture building, enjoy a weekend stroll in the incomparable Porto Botanical Garden or join in an aerobics class in one of our sports facilities. Our extensive calendar of exhibitions, performances and conferences make our Historical Building and other University buildings part of the city’s artistic and cultural roadmap. Nor should we forget the University’s museums which house a wealth of assets that are progressively being made available to visitors.

This open-door strategy includes the opening of our classrooms and labs each year to thousands of school children who have the chance to attend a range of scientific dissemination and training activities. Events like Universidade Júnior (Junior University), Mostra da U.Porto (U.Porto on Display) or each Faculty’s open days seek to promote a zest for knowledge and to awaken the potential and vocation in future university students.

In recent years, U.Porto has worked on creating conditions so that anyone can enter its classrooms, regardless of age, academic background or social and economic status. New audiences come to the University of Porto through programmes like PEUS (University Studies Programme for Senior Students) and around 400 continuous education courses hosted yearly.

In accordance with its Third Mission, U.Porto offers a number of services to the community in all fields of knowledge, to the standard of quality to be expected from our academic community. Anyone who wants to be up-to-date on U.Porto life only has to log on to our many platforms of communication.

Come and visit us!