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Applications IN Students

Application for Erasmus Programme - IN Students

Online Application

All students selected by their Home University, who intend to spend a period of studies at the U.Porto must submit their application, by accessing the Online Application Form provided for that purpose in the administrative procedures of the area Before the Departure and After the Arrival of the International section.

All foreign mobility students are officially accepted only upon the confirmation with Letter of Acceptance by the U.Porto.

For detailed information about the Academic Calendar, course programmes, the ECTS guide and dates of the exams, please consult the Education Offer of each Faculty. here you have detailed information on the degrees taught and on the ECTS credits allocated (refer to "Degrees").
You can also contact directly the Faculties.

Please note that almost all courses of the University of Porto are taught in Portuguese. Therefore, we recommend students to have some preparation of Portuguese before travelling to Porto. Some teachers may allow students to write assignments and take exams in other languages, namely in English, but this situation can only be agreed upon arrival in each individual case.

Students should upload the Transcript of Records together with the Application Form.


The LLP-Erasmus programme assume fee waiving at the host institution, including fees due to registration, exams, access to laboratories and libraries, etc.
Therefore, this is applicable to all foreign students spending a period of studies at the U.Porto within the scope of the LLP-Erasmus programme. Mobility students are nonetheless responsible for small charges, such as school insurance, accommodation, Portuguese course, photocopies, laboratory materials.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you carefully read our Foreign Student Guide before leaving to Porto.

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