Centenário da U.Porto
Centennial Celebration of the University of Porto, 2011

From the very beginning of the University of Porto in the 18th century to its official founding, in 1911 and until the present day, many important moments have defined the course of this institution. The first memories include the creation of several faculties, research centres and other facilities which, over the years, have cemented the “home” of the academy. But looking back, there are many other moments whose symbolic meaning and social impact are such that they deserve to be perpetuated in the memory of the University. Below is a list of some of them:

BEFORE 1911 (+)

1762: Creation of the Nautical Class (1762 – 1803) (+)
1779: Creation of the Sketching and Drawing Class (1779 – 1803) (+)
1803: Creation of the Royal Academy of Maritime and Trade Affairs of the City of Porto (1803 – 1837) (+)
1825: Creation of the Royal School of Surgery of the City of Porto (1825 – 1836) (+)
1837: The Royal Academy became the Polytechnic Academy of Porto (1837 – 1911) (+)
1836: The Royal School became the Medical-Surgical School of Porto (1836 – 1911) (+)
1836: Creation of the School of Pharmacy (1836 – 1911) (+)
1836: Creation of the Porto Academy of Fine Arts (+)
1881: The Porto Academy of Fine Arts became the Porto Fine Arts School, which would later give rise to the Porto Higher Institute of Fine Arts (1950), currently U.Porto's faculties of Architecture and of Fine Arts. (+)

AFTER 1911 (+)

22 March, 1911 - The Decree-Law that established the University of Porto was published and the University of Porto was born! The University resulted from the merging of several academies: the Polytechnic Academy, (current Faculty of Sciences (FCUP)), the Engineering School (current Faculty of Engineering), the Medical-Surgical School (current Faculty of Medicine), and the School of Pharmacy (current Faculty of Pharmacy).

16 July, 1911- Election of the first U.Porto Rector, the mathematician Francisco Gomes Teixeira.

27 November, 1915 – Creation of the Technical Faculty (currently the Faculty of Engineering, since 17 December, 1926).

20 Jun, 1917 – Rodrigo Sarmento de Beires was awarded the first Doctorate (PhD) by the University of Porto (Faculty of Sciences / Mathematical Sciences).

4 August, 1919 – Creation of the Anatomy and Histology scientific research institutes in the Faculty of Medicine, regarded as the origin of scientific production in the U.Porto.

9 September, 1919 – Creation of the first Faculty of Arts. Which became defunct in 1928.

3 January, 1921 – Creation of the Faculty of Pharmacy (FFUP).

13 April, 1921 – The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto awarded an honorary doctorate degree for the first time. The distinguished persons were Marechal Joseph Joffre (France), Generalissimo Armando Diaz (Italy) and General Dorrien-Smith (England), generals of the allied troops during World War I.

13 April, 1937 – Centennial of the Polytechnic Academy of Porto. This date was marked with the inauguration of the Faculty of Engineering building in Rua dos Bragas, and the Faculty of Pharmacy building in Rua Aníbal Cunha.

23 November, 1944 – Leopoldina Paulo became the first woman to earn a doctorate degree from the University of Porto (Faculty of Sciences/ Biology).

28 April, 1953 – Inauguration of the University of Porto Sports Stadium.

28 May, 1953 – Founding of the Faculty of Economics (FEP).

1951 – Installation of the Botanical Garden of Porto in Quinta do Campo Alegre.

1959 – Founding of S. João Hospital, which would also become the new facility of the Faculty of Medicine.

18 August, 1961 – Creation of the new Faculty of Arts (FLUP), inaugurated in 1962.

19 April, 1974 – A fire destroyed the north wing of the University’s historical building. To date, the buildings of the Faculty of Pharmacy (May, 1975), the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences ICBAS (1992) and the Rectory (2008) have all been affected by fire.

May, 1974 – Ruy Luis Gomes became the first U.Porto Rector elected after the 25th of April, 1974 (the “Carnation Revolution” was the date of the military coup that overthrew the dictatorial regime of the Estado Novo (New State), which was in force in Portugal between 1933 and 1947).

5 May, 1975 – Creation of the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS).

3 December, 1975 – Creation of the Higher Institute of Physical Education, currently the Faculty of Sport (FADEUP).

21 December, 1979 – Creation of the Faculty of Architecture (FAUP) through the integration of the architecture course of the Porto Higher Institute of Fine Arts (ESBAP).

5 November, 1980 – Creation of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (FPCEUP).

8 November, 1988 – Establishment of the Higher Institute of Business Studies (ISEE), which later became the Porto Business School.

6 January, 1989 – Creation of the Faculty of Dental Medicine (FMDUP).

Early 1990s – Creation of three of the most respected research centres of the University of Porto: the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto (IPATIMUP); the National Institute of Biomedical Engineering (INEB); and the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMC).

1987 – U.Porto’s students participate in the Erasmus Mundus programme for the first time.

30 October, 1992 – Creation of the Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUP) through the integration of the painting, sculpture and communication design groups of the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (ESBAP).

8 July, 1994 – Creation of the Faculty of Law (FDUP).

July, 1996 – Creation of the Higher Institute of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto (ISCNAUP), called Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science (FCNAUP) since July 1999.

October, 2000 – Start of the U.Porto undergraduate degree in Journalism and Communication, a joint initiative of the Faculties of Arts, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Engineering.

November, 2000 – Establishment of the first Associated Laboratories in the University of Porto: IBMC/INEB and IPATIMUP.

15 September, 2006 – Establishment of the UPTEC – Asprela Technology Transfer Association, the managing body of the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto.

3 August, 2007 – U.Porto makes its first appearance in the world's top 500 best Universities, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

2008/2009 –U.Porto courses were fully adapted to the Bologna model.

22 March, 2011 – The University of Porto celebrated its first centenary. The University is ranked among the 100 best European universities!