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Welcome to the University of Porto! In this area  you can find the answers you need to improve your curriculum with the help of the University. We are waiting for you!

I have already entered the job market. What can the U.Porto offer me?

Everything you can expect of one of the top 150 European universities, which has more than a century of experience in education and research at the highest level. The courses we offer are designed to cover various vocations and career prospects and are highly oriented towards the community and its needs. Our 14 faculties and business school provide the ideal environment for your continuous personal and professional growth. This effort is combined with the internationally recognised work of dozens of research units which, in cooperation with partner institutions worldwide, make the U.Porto one of the main national innovation centres. If you are still unsure, come and discover our campus and find out what it feels like “to be part of the U.Porto” and our academic community.

I already hold a bachelors degree but I would like to take a masters or a doctorate. Why should I choose the U.Porto?

Once a privilege that only a few could accomplish, today post-graduate education is an almost indispensable asset when competing in an increasingly demanding job market. At the U.Porto, this asset can be achieved, not only through our wide range of 2nd cycle (masters) and 3rd cycle (doctorate) courses, that cover virtually all fields of knowledge, but also through our faculties and research centres, through our education support and research structures, at an international level, and through benefiting from the daily contact with a teaching and scientific staff who will help you maximise your skills.

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What do I need to do to be admitted to the U.Porto?

Admission to the 1st year of a 1st cycle (bachelors degree) or an integrated masters course at the U.Porto is done through the National Contest for Admissions to Higher Education. Students can apply under the General Regime (general contingent or special contingents) or under different regimes and special contests. The conditions of application for post-graduate study cycles (masters and doctorate) are determined by each of the schools of the U.Porto. You can find more information in the U.Porto Admissions area or at the U.Porto’s Office for Access to Higher Education – Gabinete de Acesso ao Ensino Surperior (GAES-UP), which is located in the Rectory building.

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Is it compulsory to have completed secondary education to be admitted for a 1st cycle (bachelors degree) or integrated masters course at the U.Porto?

No, it is not. In parallel with the general regime of the National Contest for Admissions to Higher Education, the U.Porto, in coordination with the Directorate General for Higher Education – Direção Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES), provides a variety of special admissions contests and regimes aimed at different audiences. These include contests for Candidates Over 23 Years Old, Graduates of Technological Specialisation Courses and Candidates with Bachelors Degrees in a Related Field. Learn more about these opportunities in the U.Porto Admissions area or at GAES-UP.

What is a U.Porto course worth in the job market?

The numbers speak for themselves. According to the latest studies carried out by the Employment Observatory of the U.Porto, the employment rate among U.Porto graduates who completed their courses more than five years ago is over 80%.

Largely contributing to this success are the several employment support structures within the U.Porto that assist the whole employability process of our recent graduates.

Committed to its role as a bridge to the job market, the U.Porto and its schools accompany the professional progression of its graduates by promoting job/training/research opportunities, by providing career management services and by conducting employability surveys, which are carried out by the Employment Observatory of the U.Porto.

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I would like to study again, but I do not have the time or age to do so. Is there a place for me at the U.Porto?

Lifelong Learning Unit

Rectory of the University of Porto
Praça de Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto

E-mail: educacao.continua@reit.up.pt

Tel: 22 040 8053/381

Of course there is. And the answer lies in the 300 plus Lifelong Learning courses offered each year by the U.Porto. Shorter, more flexible and more accessible than the degree courses, but with the same high pedagogical standards and quality of other U.Porto courses, many of these programmes are taught in the evening and are mainly aimed at those who have already entered the job market. Do you wish to widen your horizons by learning Arabic or Japanese? How about testing your skills as a top manager in one of the world’s most famous MBAs? The most difficult part is choosing! Take a look at the U.Porto Continuous Training Catalogue for the academic year 2015/2016.

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Does the U.Porto offer distance learning courses?

Some of our faculties have been increasingly incorporating distance learning (e-learning and blendes-learning) tools in their lifelong learning programmes . If you are looking to integrated training Masters level , masters and doctorates , the University of Porto stays true to traditional teaching models , focusing on the classroom student - teacher contact . However, we've been investing in technologies, infrastructures and human resources that will, in the near future, allow us to position as a reference in the provision of distance education. For more information visit the U.Porto e-Learning portal.

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Are the U.Porto courses taught in
the evening?

The 1st cycle (bachelors degree) and integrated masters courses at the U.Porto are exclusively taught during the day. Nevertheless, you can request Student Worker status and benefit from special conditions to successfully complete your studies without sacrificing your professional activity. At the post-graduate level, however, there are several evening or mixed regime courses. For further information check our trainning offer or/and contact the school/faculty you wish to attend.

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I have a business idea that I would like to develop on my own. Can you help me?

Do you feel that you have a great idea but you don't know how to put it into practice? You have an established project and you would like to take it to the next level by creating an innovative startup? The U.Porto encourages these initiatives through the different innovation and entrepreneurship support structures available to the general community. Find out about the potential of the Science and Technology Park of the U.Porto (UPTEC), where you will find specialised support to design and build a successful business. If you are a student or a former student of the U.Porto, you can also participate in the iUP25k, our Business Ideas contest, or join the Entrepreneurship Club of the U.Porto (CEdUP). GO FOR IT!

Do I have to be a U.Porto student/former student to create a startup at UPTEC?

No. The incubation process of UPTEC is open to ALL entrepreneurs who are attending or have completed higher education, who believe in the potential of their idea and who have the necessary skills to put it into practice. It is also open to those who have recently established a company and are looking for an innovating ecosystem in which to make it grow. If you have what it takes, send us a description of your project and await a reply!


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What career opportunities can the U.Porto bring me?

Permanently seeking to increase their highly qualified personnel, the faculties, research centres and other bodies of the U.Porto regularly launch contests to award grants, and also promote recruitment offers for teachers, researchers and other professionals.

To keep track of these opportunities, visit the pages of the units you are interested in or visit the Opportunities section in the U.Porto’s news portal.

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How can I keep track of what is happening at the U.Porto?

To follow the daily news of the U.Porto, visit the different information areas of the U.Porto. Besides our website, make sure you visit our  news portal and follow us on  Facebook, no Twitter , no Instagram ou no Youtube!

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Do you have any further questions and/or suggestions?

Send us your comments to ci@reit.up.pt. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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