At the U.Porto, we challenge stereotypes by encouraging our scientific community to dialogue/cooperate with companies and other organisations to find the right solutions for the problems they are working on. Our researchers play a fundamental role in what is today one of the greatest purposes of the U.Porto: the social appreciation of the knowledge produced in our R&D+i centres and its transfer to economic and social agents, thus serving as an engine of innovation and change.

Facts. Collaboration with companies benefits the U.Porto and all who work within it. It is a source of inspiration for applied research with commercial potential. It keeps us up to date with the latest trends, problems and needs of society. It exposes us to new ways of thinking and working. It challenges us to transform new ideas, technologies, "know-how", and R&D+I results into new processes, products, and services. It gives way to new sources of research funding. All this without forgetting that it brings employment opportunities to our students and researchers.

The U.Porto Innovation office is one of the structures that supports our researchers' relationships with companies. The office is responsible for instigating collaborative projects with companies, protecting and commercialising the U.Porto R&D results, and supporting the creation of new businesses (and thus, new companies) based on the community and knowledge of the U.Porto.

In recent years, the connection of the scientific community with the corporate economic sector has been facilitated through initiatives such as the A2B sessions (A for Academy, B for Business), where researchers and business professionals have the opportunity to share skills and work on forms of collaboration, with the goal of satisfying the R&D+i needs of companies.

How can we collaborate with companies?

For more information, contact the U.Porto Innovation office by e-mail or by telephone (+351) 220 408 077.