Centros de Investigação

The diversity, openness and innovation that characterise the University’s teaching also typify the work developed by its research units, which include some of Portugal's most advanced and prestigious research and development (R&D) centres. From Life and Health Sciences to Agricultural Sciences, from Engineering to Fine Arts, not forgetting the Humanities, the University of Porto has all the necessary equipment and facilities to ensure high quality research.

Differing in their scope, organisational structure and aims, the University's R&D centres are part of our organic structures of the University or the interface associations that involve, besides the University, a number of public and private entities (industries, government agencies, etc.). This situation favours cooperation between our R&D+i activities and the community.

Some of these organisations are part of Associated Labs, research units geared towards the science and technology policy of the Portuguese Government.

More than half of the 49 R&D centres of the University of Porto have been rated as “Excellent” or “Very Good” according to recent independent assessments– headed by international panels of outside experts – promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology  (FCT).

All research centres of the University of Porto financed and assessed by FCT, duly divided by scientific areas, can be viewed in column on the left.