Consisting of three main sites known as Polos spreading out all over the city of Porto (Polo I – downtown; Polo II Asprela (northern Porto); Polo III Campo Alegre (western bank, river Douro) and a fourth site outside the city, in Vairão, our University includes 15 schools (14 faculties and a business school). It is a uniquely rich and wide centre for Higher Education in Portugal.

Despite being geographically distributed, the University’s organisms function as a whole and regularly collaborate in common training and research projects. This team effort involves dozens of research units all over the University grounds and is fundamental for the production and dissemination of knowledge and for added social value.

The U.Porto is currently expanding and modernising its infrastructures with a view to increasing the quality and quantity of equipment in general. This renewal process includes schools, research centres, libraries, auditoriums, museums, halls of residence, sports venues and social venues, as well as other equipment that respond to the specific demands of the academic community.