With a regular place in major international scientific journals, the knowledge generated in the University of Porto is not confined to the pages of books and magazines. Aware of its research centres’ potential, the University tries to encourage and support the transfer of use and marketing rights of new discoveries and innovations resulting from scientific research produced by our researchers for industry.

Here, U.Porto Innovation offers a wide range of services and programmes geared towards profiting from the R&D products of the University of Porto, and supporting all members of the academic/scientific community at all stages of the process of protection and technology transfer. Its services include filing national and/or international patent applications, finding solutions for the economic exploitation of inventions, supporting the creation of technology-based companies (spin-offs) and supporting the establishment of partnerships with companies, R&D entities and other national and/or international public and private agencies, with a view to developing R&D projects.

The Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC) should be mentioned, too, along with a number of other units, operating locally in many of our schools, equally set up to exploit the research results of and technology transfer from the University of Porto to industry.