Apoio à Investigação

In order to enhance the talent of those who work in our research centres, U.Porto grants its researchers access to a wide range of tools and services created to facilitate scientific production and the subsequent transfer of that knowledge to society.

On the University campus, our researchers have immediate privileged access to resources specially selected to provide high quality working conditions. These include the U.Porto’s libraries and an extensive range of ICT resources that can be used at any point in the scientific production process.

The University of Porto also helps researchers to find international mobility opportunities and funding for their research projects. We also believe that the quality of our scientists translates into the creation of technologies and entrepreneurial projects with a positive impact on the community. Therefore we support technology transfer processes such as the communication and protection of patents and the creation of spin-offs (for further informations, visit the Innovation area).

Several structures in the sphere of the University operate to support our research activities. Of these, it is worth highlighting the role of U.Porto Innovation, an organisation whose mission is to support U.Porto’s innovation chain by promoting R&D and Innovation support programmes, by valuing R&D and Entrepreneurship and by boosting the interface between companies and the University.