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Admission to the 1st cycle (bachelors degree) and integrated masters courses of the U.Porto is also open to applicants who frequent a course of study of the same level at the U.Porto or at another Portuguese or foreign institution of higher education and wish to follow a different course of study(Course Change) or the same course of study(Transfer) at the U.Porto, and to those who wish to resume an incomplete course of study taken at the U.Porto (Re-Admission). The regimes of Course Change, Transfer and Re-Admission apply to these students.

Who can apply?

The regimes of Course Change or Transfer apply to students who: 

  • • Have been registered and enrolled in a course of higher education at a national institution of higher education but have not completed it;
  • • Have been registered and enrolled at a foreign institution of higher education in a course defined as being of higher education by that country's legislation, whether completed or not;
  • • Satisfy the prerequisites, when required by the desired course [see Prerequisits]

The regime of Re-Admission applies to students who:  

  • • Have been registered and enrolled at the U.Porto in the same course or in a course that preceded the current one.

Note:  In all of these cases, the specific conditions that must be satisfied for these regimes are defined by each school/faculty  of the U.Porto according to the   .

How does it work?

The request for Course Change, Transfer and Re-Admission must be made to the academic services office of the school/faculty of the U.Porto that the student wishes to apply for; this can be done at any time during the academic year. Each school/faculty is responsible for defining and announcing the placement criteria and available vacancies.

The academic and professional curricula of the students placed through these regimes are recognised according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and according to the course of study in effect for the course/faculty where they register and enrol. In the case of Re-Admission and Transfer, the credits previously earned in the same cycle of study will be credited in full.


Admission to the U.Porto through the Transfer and Course Change regimes is subject to a limited number of vacancies [check the Vacancy Map for 2015/2016 (in Portuguese)]. However, this is not the case for Re-Admission.

Tuition fees

Students who are admitted to the U.Porto through the Course Change, Transfer and Re-Admission regimes are covered by the general tuition fees regime  of the U.Porto.

For students admitted through Transfer or Course Change from another institution of higher education, tuition fees for the second semester of the academic year, corresponds to the part-time student tuition fees (630.50 Euro). For students who Transfer or Course Change within the U.Porto, the tuition fees paid for the previous course of study will be taken into account.

For students with the International Student Statute (ISS) admitted to the U.Porto through these regimes, the the tuition fees regime established in the ISS applies.

Useful legislation

The generic legislation regarding the regimes of Course Change, Transfer and Re-Admission can be found (Portuguese only) in the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) website. For more information, see the Regulation of the Regimes for Course Change, Transfer and Re-Admission of the U.Porto: Regulamento dos Regimes de Mudança de Curso, Transferência e de Reingresso da U.Porto.

Contacts and useful information

On the DGES website, you can find all the relevant information about the Re-Admission, Transfer and Course Change regimes. If you need any further help, please contact the U.Porto's Office for Admissions to Higher Education (GAES-UP), located at the Rectorate building, or the academic services of the faculty that you wish to apply for.

Office for Admissions to Higher Education (GAES-UP)

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Phone: (+351) 220 408 237
E-mail: acesso.es@reit.up.pt
All year personal and phone support
10h00 › 12h30 / 14h00 > 16h00 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday); 12h00 > 17h00 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Personal and phone support during the Higher Education application period
19 July 2017 to 11 August 2017: 09h30 › 15h30 (Monday to Friday)
14 August 2017 to 8 September 2017: 09h30 › 12h30 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday feira); 13h00 › 17h00 (Tuesday and Thursday)
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