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The Special Contest for Candidates Over 23 Years Old is intended for students older than 23 and fits within the U.Porto framework for promoting Lifelong Learning.

Who can apply?

This special contest applies to students who, cumulatively: 

  • • Are older than 23 (as of the 31 December of the year preceding the contest);
  • • Do not hold a diploma granting access to higher education;
  • • Have passed the specially designed exams, taken at the U.Porto, to evaluate their capacity to attend higher education;
  • • Satisfy the prerequisites, when required by the desired course [see Prerequisits]

Note: Candidates who hold a secondary education diploma, other legally-equivalent qualification, or even a higher education degree, but who have not completed the entrance exams (national secondary school final exams) for the desired course are also allowed to apply.

How does it work?

Application to the Special Contest for Candidates over 23 Years Old is held directly in each faculty of the U.Porto. The Law and Medicine courses do not have vacancies for this admissions possibility. The contest consists in the completion of a specific exam that counts for 50% of the final score. The other 50% of the score consists in a personal interview and an evaluation of the applicant's professional and academic curriculum.

For the academic year 2016/2017, the following application calendar applies:

Faculty/School Vacancies Applications (2016) Final Results (2016)  
Architecture 6 July 12 to August 12 September 12 + Info
Fine Arts 16 July 11 to August 12 September 20 + Info
Sciences 40 June 27 to July 27 September 6 + Info
Nutrition Sciences 4 July 11 to July 13 July 25 + Info
Sports 17 July 15 to August 12 September 12 + Info
Law 7 July 11 to August 5 September 12 + Info
Economics 17 July 11 to July 22 Until August 24 + Info
Engineering 46 Until August 8 September 23 + Info
Pharmacy 9 July 25 to August 11 September 6 + Info
Arts 46 July 11 to July 17 August 16 + Info
Dental Medicine 5 July 11 to July 15 August 8 + Info
Psychology and Education Sciences 11 July 18 to August 5 September 8 + Info
Abel Salazar Institute of
Biomedical Sciences
8 August 1 to August 12 September 12 + Info


For the 2018/2019 academic year, the U.Porto has 227 vacancies for the 1st cycle (bachelors degree) and integrated masters courses available for applicants through the Special Admissions Contest for Candidates Over 23 Years Old.

Tuition fees

Students who are admitted to the U.Porto through the Special Contest for Candidates Over 23 Years Old are covered by the general tuition fees regime of the U.Porto.

Useful legislation

The generic legislation for the Special Contest for Candidates Over 23 Years Old can be found (Portuguese only) in the  the Directorate General for Higher Education– Direção Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES) website. For more information, check the Regulation of Exams to evaluate the ability of Candidates Over 23 Years Old to attend the U.Porto (in Portuguese).

Contacts and useful information

On the  DGES website, you can find all the relevant information about the Special Contest for Candidates Over 23 Years Old and other Special Contests  of admissions to higher education. If you need any further help, please contact the U.Porto's Office for Admissions to Higher Education (GAES-UP), located at the Rectorate building, or the academic services of the faculty that you wish to apply for.

Office for Admissions to Higher Education (GAES-UP)

U.Porto Rectorate
Praça de Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 220 408 237
E-mail: acesso.es@reit.up.pt
All year personal and phone support:
10h00 › 12h30 / 14h00 > 16h00 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday); 12h00 > 17h00 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Personal and phone support during the Higher Education application period:
19 July 2017 to 11 August 2017: 09h30 › 15h30 (Monday to Friday)
14 August 2017 to 8 September 2017: 09h30 › 12h30 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday feira); 13h00 › 17h00 (Tuesday and Thursday)
11 to 22 September 2017: 09h30 › 15h30 (Monday to Friday)
More information