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Developed following the same standards of quality that define the rest of the educational offer of the U.Porto, the more than 300 courses offered at our schools in the area of Lifelong Learning (non-degree) are intended for the general public. Admission to these programmes is, however, limited to the type and the level of difficulty/specificity of the course(s) that you intend to apply for.

The Lifelong Learning offer at the U.Porto includes post-graduate-level courses (advanced studies and specialisation), courses/units of continuous and vocational training. The U.Porto also allows internal and external students interested in deepening their knowledge of specific areas to enrol in single curricular units from the 1st cycle (bachelors degree), 2nd cycle (masters) and integrated masters offered by the U.Porto.

Here is what you need to know:

Who can apply?

For admission to a specialisation or an advanced studies course, the candidate must meet the same conditions as those required for admission to 2nd cycle (masters) courses and and 3rd cycle (doctorate) courses.
Admission to courses or units of continuous training, however, does not presuppose prior graduate education and may require satisfying specific conditions for attending higher education. The  vocational training programmes do not require previous graduate education nor conditions for entry, thus they are open to any person.

Finally, the qualifications and conditions for admission to single curricular units are specified in the Regulamento de Frequência de Unidades Curriculares Singulares dos Cursos e Ciclos de Estudos da U.Porto, covering:

  • Students of the U.Porto who are registered and enrolled in their courses of study, as well as mobility students;
  • Students enrolled in other higher education establishments;
  • Graduates of national or foreign courses of higher education;
  • Other candidates whose curriculum is found to be compatible with attending a course's curricular units by the directors of that course;
  • • International students • International students (covered by the International Student Statute).

In the the U.Porto Continuous Training Catalogue you will find the qualifications needed to attend each of our Lifelong Learning courses. For detailed information about the various types of courses, see the Regulamento de Criação, Acreditação Interna e Creditação dos Cursos de Educação Contínua da U.Porto.

How to apply?

The conditions for admission (criteria of admission and placement, required documents, deadlines, vacancies, etc.) to the Continuous Training programmes of the U.Porto are established by the director of each course.

In the case of the single curricular units, applications should be submitted to the U.Porto school/faculty  that you wish to attend. External students – who are not attending a course at the U.Porto – should submit a document proving their qualifications. Admission to single 3rd cycle (doctorate) curricular units of the U.Porto are dependent upon the conditions defined by the course directors.

Credits: With the exception of vocational training (not subject to credits), the non-degree U.Porto training programmes are credited, for purposes of certification, according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This allows a student to transfer the credits earned in one course to (an)other course(s) or cycle(s) of study, within the same scientific area or of the same level of qualification. Normally, every 27 hours of work corresponds to one ECTS credit.


The number of vacancies for each course is established by the school that organises it. In the U.Porto Continuous Training Catalogue (only available in Portuguese) you can find detailed information about the vacancies available for each course being offered during the current semester.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees (and forms of payment) of most lifelong learning courses of the U.Porto are defined and approved by the director(s) of the school(s), taking the educational or professional relevance and financial sustainability of each into account. You can obtain more information about the course that you are interested in attending from the U.Porto Continuous Training Catalogue or from the school that offers the course.

The attendance of a single curricular unit from the courses of study of the U.Porto by an external student (not registered and enrolled in a course of study integrating the curricular unit in question) is subject to the payment of the amount of 1/5 (one fifth) of the annual tuition fees in effect for those courses of study. With the authorisation of the faculty, the student may benefit from up to a 20% reduction of that amount.

For more information, see the U.Porto Tuition Fees Regulations. In the area of Scholarships and Financing of this website you will also find useful information about financial support available to the U.Porto students.

Contacts and useful information

This information does not substitute the academic services of the  school/course you wish to apply for. For general questions, contact the Training and Academic Organisation Office (FOA) of the U.Porto, at the Rectorate building, by e-mail or by telephone (+351) 22 040 81 98.