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Special Contests for Admission to Higher Education

Special contest for students over 23 years
Candidates must hold the specially adequate exams intended to assess their ability to attend higher education, via this contest.

It is established in the Legal Decrete n.º 64/2006, 21st march (in Portuguese only), as well as in the Legal Decrete n.º 113/2014, 16th July (in Portuguese only) and regulated at U.Porto by its own regulation (in Portuguese only).

Holder of Technological Specialisation Diploma
Holder of Higher Professional Technical Courses Diploma
Holder of other Higher Education degree

All three of these special contests are established in the Legal Decrete n.º 113/2014, 16th July (in Portuguese only), which was altered by Legal Decrete n.º 63/2016, 13th September (in Portuguese only).

International Student
The International Student Statute refered to in article 16 (n.º7) of Law n.º 37/2003, 22nd August, that establishes the basis for the financing of Higher Education, is regulated by Legal Decrete n.º 36/2014, in its version set forth by the Legal Decrete 62/2018, 6th August (in Portuguese only).

Following the publication of said Legal Decrete, the University of Porto approved its own Regulation for the application of the International Student Statute (in English).

Admissions to Medical School for Candidates with Bachelors Degree
Established by Legal Decrete n.º 40/2007, 20th February, this contest is aimed at candidates that already hold a Bachelor degree and wish to apply to a Medical School.

Local Contest
Organized with places approved by the MCTES for cycles of studies whose special characteristics justifiy the need for a local contest that takes place within the institution itself.

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