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Insurance & Social Security

School Insurance

The U.Porto has a School Insurance policy so that their students are insured during school activities. This school insurance provides the students with several guarantees (personal physical accidents, death or permanent invalidity, hospital treatment costs and civil liability of the students), should these accidents take place during University activities:

  • regular university activities, including classes;
  • study visits;
  • outdoor classes;
  • University training;
  • other activities organised by the University;
  • trips to or from the University

So as to be insured by this compulsory insurance, you should make the registration at the registry of your respective Faculty. You will then be asked to pay an insurance premium of around 2.00 EUR. Please note that this insurance policy does not cover personal physical accidents outside University activities or sickness.

European Health Insurance Card (CESD)

One of the problems students face when they decide to spend a study period abroad is health care. Community provisions on social security provide some solutions on this matter – the European Health Insurance Card (CESD).

This card is available to European citizens who are travelling within the European Economic Area, (i.e. the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland, for private or professional reasons.

This document allows students from another Member State or country of the European Economic Area (EEA) or from Switzerland to be assisted in case of sickness or personal accident, thus taking advantage of a wider coverage in terms of health care. The CESD, to be requested to the social security service of your country, is a proof that you are registered in that social security service and allows you to take advantage of health services in Portugal. In this case, students will be asked to pay as much as national citizens under the same circumstances.

Health Insurance

The CESD form is part of an agreement between the Member States of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. However, there are other agreements between Portugal and other countries outside the EEA. Students from those countries should ask for further information in their own country before travelling to Portugal. If they fall outside the system mentioned above, students must get a health insurance, which will provide them with health care during their stay in Portugal. Without one of these, should they need medical assistance during their stay at the U.Porto, students will have to pay for the respective health treatment.

Civil Liability Insurance

This cost-effective insurance is not compulsory, but is recommended, since health insurance policies and the CESD do not cover civil liability (damage caused to third parties) of your daily activities (outside University activities, which are covered by School insurance).

Personal Physical Accidents Insurance

This insurance is not compulsory but is recommended. Besides covering personal physical accidents in your daily life, this insurance often provides you with repatriation insurance, in case of sickness or accident (depending on the insurance policies).

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