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Language Training

Before leaving to Porto foreign students are advised to learn Portuguese, although this is not a pre-requisite. However, most course units are taught in Portuguese; besides, learning a foreign language is one of the greatest advantages of mobility programmes - in this case this is an opportunity to learn the third most spoken European language in the world (about 200 million speakers).

Although most partner Institutions offer Portuguese language courses to their students (providing them with basic Portuguese language skills before their departure to Portugal), the U.Porto organises, at the Faculty of Arts, several language courses. Students are advised to obtain further information on these courses as soon as possible, so as to arrive before the beginning of the language course.

Foreign students of the U.Porto can chose from two intensive Portuguese language courses, in September and in February. The course has the duration of 60 hours. In the end, students with a pass shall be awarded a certificate. A minimum of 8 people is necessary for the course to take place. Although the course fee is below the real cost of the course, LLP-Erasmus students are entitled to a discount in their enrolment.

In July a Summer course of Portuguese Language and Culture for Foreigners is also organised at the Faculty of Arts. This course is divided into 4 levels (beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced). Some guided tours are included.

The Faculty of Arts also organises every year a Course of Portuguese Language and Culture for Foreigners. This course takes place in October and July and is divided into five levels (beginners, elementary, intermediate, advanced and proficient). This course includes some study visits intended to complement work carried out in classes and to provide students with some social and cultural background.

Further information regarding these courses can be obtained at the FLUP, or by the e-mail ple@letras.up.pt.

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