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Filing a Claim or Complaint to the U.Porto Student Ombudsman

Certainly after having exhausted the chances of finding a solution with local resources and preferably after visiting the Ombudsman, the student will eventually file a claim or complaint.

The Student Ombudsman shall perform its duties based on the claims or complaints filed by students, individually or in a group, by themselves or through representatives, although they can also do it on their own initiative in respect of facts which, by any other means, comes to their knowledge.

The claim or complaint should be made in the Complaints page.

In a less convenient way, the claim or complaint can also be submitted by mail, and must include at least the following elements:

  • Identification of who submits it, or a representative, including name, address and contact;
  • Description of the acts or facts on which the claim is based, as well as the identification, where applicable, of the stakeholders;
  • Explanation of the reasons why the author considers the act or omission unfair, discriminatory or prejudicial to their legitimate interests;
  • A statement confirming that there is no pending application, appeal or complaint regarding the same matter in any body of the University or its Organic Units;
  • Signature of the person submitting the claim or complaint or of its representative.
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