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Organization and How U.Porto Works

Ethics Committee of the University of Porto (CEUP)

The Ethics Committee of the U.Porto (CEUP) is the result of an initiative of the University Senate which, in a meeting of the Standing Committee on 14 February 2007, ruled in favour of its creation, and regulated its activity. It was established in July 2008, and began its works under the chairmanship of Professor Walter Osswald (appointed by the Rector of the U.Porto), integrating one or more members nominated by each Organic Unit.

Although divided into sub-committees: (1) Life Sciences, (2) Social and Human Sciences, (3) Technologies, and (4) Arts, it chose to always meet in plenary sessions, which is done regularly on a monthly basis.

As a multidisciplinary and independent collegiate body, it oversees the promotion of and compliance with ethical standards in all academic activities (teaching, research and university cooperation, including services to the community and dissemination of science) of the various units of the U.Porto, and the conduct of its members (teachers, staff and students).

The CEUP seeks to promote training in ethics within the U.Porto, and the implementation of Ethical Committees in all its Organic Units (faculties and research institutes), to assess and monitor their research projects, especially those involving sensitive issues, in particular those that involve (in any way) people, animals or biological material from people and animals, other than those that are specific to social and human sciences, technologies and the arts.

The CEUP is responsible for supporting the Ethical Committees of the Organic Units, upon request, and for analyzing other matters that raise general ethical problems, on its own initiative or at the request of the Governing Bodies of the U.Porto. As a result of this work, the CEUP produces documents, opinions and recommendations available in the SIGARRA system.

To request an Opinion from CEUP, download and fill in the Formulário para submissão de projetos (Project Submission Form).

For example, the CEUP drafted its own Regulations, examined the topic and produced an opinion on academic integrity, and gave its opinion on the "SIADAP" and the "European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers".

After March 1, 2022 opinions requested from CEUP by entities outside the U.Porto universe and which do not have any type of relationship with the U.Porto will have a cost of ¤500 or ¤1000, plus VAT.

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